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Njori Tempo | The smart cooker for adventurous chefs

Njori Tempo

Get complete control over your cooking. Measure, monitor, and regulate temperature constantly to compose perfect meals, every time.

Njori Tempo was founded over a love of great food and great design. As product designers and keen cooks, they faced a common problem when experimenting with new recipes and techniques. Lack of accuracy, and too many single-use kitchen gadgets, taking up space in the kitchen.

Njori Tempo

This dilemma got their design and development brains thinking: why isn’t there a single product that offers complete control with endless possibilities to experiment, yet comes in a streamlined design that takes up a fraction of cupboard space?

The idea of the Njori Tempo was born!


That is to say, cooking by exact temperature is the next stage in cooking evolution.

The sprung, direct contact temperature sensor continually monitors the pan temperature as you cook.  The Tempo then regulates the power to maintain your desired temperature. This ensures you get consistent results and helps you to refine your recipes.

Njori Tempo

Moreover, the Tempo will complement your everyday cooktop, rather than replace it, giving you additional precise temperature control over your cooking.


Preset modes pair with temperature probes to perfect the most adventurous recipes possible.

Sous-vide was once the preserve of professional kitchens, but thanks to the Tempo’s ability to set and maintain specific temperatures using a feedback loop, it’s easy to create melt-in-the-mouth Asian pork belly, Korean beef short ribs, and tender teriyaki salmon at home.  The water circulator and probe simply combine to turn your pan into a water bath, perfect for gentle cooking.

Njori Tempo

Deep frying also uses the probe accessory, attaching easily to the side of your pan. The probe automatically corrects the temperature as you place cold ingredients into the pan making it a breeze to rustle up crunchy fried chicken, light and crispy tempura prawns, or delicious doughnuts with confidence.

Nothing beats the flavor slow cooking imparts – but heavy slow cookers take up valuable cupboard space. You can serve succulent stews or casseroles using your pan of choice with the Njori Tempo in slow cook mode.

You can even place the probe into a piece of meat and set the ideal temperature to ensure it will cook to perfection!

Njori Tempo


Integrated scales also allow you to weigh ingredients before and during cooking and equally portion up the final creation.

The scales also allow you to use the reduce by weight function, ideal for bringing new consistency to sauces and reductions.

Njori Tempo


Straight out of the box, the magnetic dial gives the user instant control over pan temperature, via the direct contact temperature sensor in the center of the glass. This means you’re safe in the knowledge that whatever you put in the pan, the cooker has you covered.

Their patent-pending dial has been configured to give you effortless and instant control. With a built-in button, it makes selecting your mode of choice even easier.


The Njori Tempo has an extremely sleek and compact design.  This makes the Tempo easy to store or transport. Accessories and cables tidy away neatly in the cork base, which is held closed by powerful magnets.

Njori Tempo

This was a high priority when first designing the product. When in use it won’t take up valuable space on your worktop and when not in use, it can be stored on a bookshelf alongside your favorite cookbooks.


The Njori Tempo comes complete with all the accessories you need to cook like a pro.


They were working tirelessly for 3 years developing the Njori Tempo, using all their previous experience and design expertise.

The mechanical design has been done in-house and they’ve been working with experienced electronics engineers in developing both the power and control electronics in parallel.

Njori Tempo

Early testing of the electronics control system

In developing the temperature feedback (PID) loop, they also developed their own software called ‘Njori Labs’.

They were considering every aspect of the user experience when designing the Tempo, from the design of the on-screen interface to the feel of the magnetic dial and buttons. They have tried to ensure the product is a joy to use from start to finish so you can discover your potential and fine-tune the recipes you’re most passionate about.


At Njori, their mission is to help people take their cooking to the next level.

Njori was founded by Design Engineers, Jack Raison and Nick Orme. They have worked together for several years in the tech development industry, designing and developing products for a variety of companies.  After discovering a shared love for cooking, they decided to use their expertise to develop and manufacture their own product.

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