Nomad’s Pad Grand Canyon

Nomad’s Pad Grand Canyon | Your Own Desert Escape

Escape the chaos and reconnect with nature by sleeping under the stars in the Grand Canyon.

Nomad’s Pad is bringing the first glass pyramid glamping experience to the Grand Canyon. Each 400 square-foot glass pyramid gives you a new way to experience nature with 360° desert views and absolute privacy with Smart Glass Technology.

Just a short flight or a few hours’ drive from Las Vegas, Phoenix, or Flagstaff. Nomad’s Pad makes the perfect getaway for both long weekends and week-long expeditions to America’s greatest natural wonder.

Nomad’s Pad Grand Canyon

Nomad’s Pad is surrounded by 20 acres of undeveloped land in the rural town of Grand Canyon Junction. Just a 25-minute drive from the Grand Canyon itself.

From waking up with the sun to stargazing from bed, this one-of-a-kind experience has all the modern comforts of a hotel while giving you unhindered access to the magical Arizona desert.

Each of the 10 temperature-controlled pyramids comes with a self-sufficient attachment of outdoor amenities to let you indulge in the outdoors hassle-free.

Nomad’s Pad Grand Canyon

During your stay, you become part of the Wild West. Hear birds chirping in the morning, coyotes howling at night, and the whistle of the wind blowing. Smell the fresh aroma of Pinyon Trees and Juniper Berries. Like a refreshing glass of gin without the bite, just pure nature.

At Nomad’s Pad, you can sleep with the night sky as your ceiling or take an afternoon nap with a backdrop of desert views without sacrificing privacy or comfort.

When you step out into a beautiful desert landscape, you don’t want to walk into a hotel and shut yourself away. You want to stay in it and be there—in the moment. Nomad’s Pad is built to be just that. A place where you can unwind, escape in nature, and stay there as part of it.

Nomad’s Pad Grand Canyon

They took a boutique approach to their accommodations, meaning fewer units that are more spaced out. So, you get unobstructed views of the surrounding natural beauty.

The pyramids are also designed with Smart Glass technology that turns the clear glass walls opaque at the touch of a button

Smart Glass gives you instant control over your privacy and experience. Keep the glass clear for those daytime Instagram photos and midnight stargazing. Then switch on the privacy frost when it’s time to finally unwind.

Nomad’s Pad Grand Canyon

Mother Nature can be pretty unforgiving in a desert environment.

This is why each pyramid has UV-resistant glass and air conditioning to shelter you from those hot summer days or brisk autumn nights.

Enjoy the outdoors as much as you can while you’re here. In the end, know that you have a cozy shelter to come back to once you’re done.

After months of planning and preparing, they have everything in place to make Nomad’s Pad a reality. They’ve already done soil testing, traffic studies, fire hazard mitigation, gray water system blueprints, and more! They hired the most qualified team of engineers and builders that specialize in creating eco-friendly properties and they are ready to get started.

Nomad’s Pad Grand Canyon

Traditional outdoor experiences, like camping, can leave you worrying about the little things. This is why at Nomad’s Pad, they make your relaxation their first priority.

They’ve partnered with local businesses as passionate as they are who can share the full spirit of Arizona with you. They’ve got you covered from food to fitness.

At Nomad’s Pad, weekends mean live music and campfires under the stars. Local musicians perform acoustic, indie, psychedelic rock, and more by the campfire so you can enjoy the outdoors with some added ambiance.

Nomad’s Pad Grand Canyon

Meals at Nomad’s Pad will keep you feeling full, fresh, and refreshed.

Not only is it their mission to bring people closer to nature—they want to preserve it, too! When you stay with them, you put your personal health and wellness hand-in-hand with the wellness of the environment around you.

A stay at Nomad’s Pad Grand Canyon is a 100% off-grid experience with everything powered by solar energy. The Pyramids are constructed with the passive house principles for maximum efficiency and lower carbon footprints.

Take Highway 64 up to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon to experience the beauty of this Natural Wonders.
Nomad’s Pad Grand Canyon

Most Grand Canyon visitors don’t make it past the developed enclave of Grand Canyon Village. But the close proximity of Nomad’s Pad starts you right at the canyon’s doorstep, helping you dig into all the park has to offer.

Feeling the call of the wild is a sensation as old as humanity. But for those who have ever been intimidated by camping gear, specialized clothing, and technical know-how, getting out and experiencing it might have always felt out of reach.

Making the rejuvenating beauty of nature accessible for everyone is what drives them. Because they understand that the grind of a 9-5 can damage our spiritual connection to the Earth and to ourselves.

It’s why they left their day jobs and started Nomad’s Pad in the first place. They weren’t satisfied letting their skills and knowledge grow without nurturing their dreams and desires.

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