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Novabot | Autonomous Lawn Care Robot


Novabot is an intelligent, automatic robot lawnmower!

Also, it’s the cutting-edge solution you have been waiting for.

Hy backers, watch this out!

A robot that looks like a race car and works fast as a race car!

Novabot is a revolution for all that are tired of moving but want to have “english – grass” style lawn. Meaning – always perfect!

Novabot in front of the house

Developed by LF Intelligence, which has its roots in  GRASP Laboratory (College of Pennsylvania).  Novabot maintains the grass greener while you unwind! Sit back and manage it via the Nova application.

Novabot is structural

Thanks to advanced technology, it cuts in straight lines. Also, cuts the borders in several zones. With computer vision, it avoids objects on its way. Finally, returns to its base after mowing. Prepare to experience the extraordinary future of grass care! It is the world-leading robotic lawnmower.

maping the lawn

Most robotic mowers on the marketplace call for users to set up perimeter cables prior to use. It just looks undesirable on your grass… Moreover, it can do instead of you a hard job that calls for continual upkeep.

RTK-GPS System

zones for novabot

Thanks to the RTK-GPS System with 0.8″ level accuracy & NovaVision ™ System,  Novabot finds the edges. Also, it is clever enough to trim the borders without cables, effortlessly. All that because incorporates AI algorithms with self-driving technology!

Nova is safe

aoiding objects

When we talk about security, it’s their top concern. They use a 360 ° HD Panoramic Electronic camera and the new VSLAM Modern technology. Robot is constantly aware of its surroundings. Also, it scans as well as finds barriers of all kinds. Novabot recognizes people, animals, even wild animals!

360 mapping

Smart little guy

Novabot can map your lawn all on its own. It has no trouble recognizing fencings, trees, pools… Even in first-time use. It separates your front and back yard into zones. It uses Coremind ™ Formula and also 5 TOPS computing chips. That way reduces the whole yard in straight lines. Given that, you have 100% performance as well as efficiency.

novabot features

Furnished with:

  •  powerful brushless electric motors,
  •  durable off-road tires,
  •  high-capacity battery,

Novabot trims even the most difficult yards effortlessly. It climbs up to 45% slope and also perfectly mows various locations of your grass.

The power supply of Novabot

With a 7.5 Ah lithium-ion battery, Novabot trims as much as 2000m ². After the work is done, immediately goes back to the charging base. Suppose you have a larger lawn to keep? Novabot can get where it left off. As well as continue the previous mowing session.

Nova App

App Nova

Customize the settings and control the clever lawnmower anytime and anywhere! Nova application helps you be the master of your lawn.

App Nova

You can:

  • establish the operating schedule
  • personalize multi-zone monitoring
  • appoint marked mowing locations
  • adjust the cutting height
  • inspect the real-time status of your Novabot

The anti-theft system

It allows you to track the precise location of the Novabot. It has a high degree of anti-theft security. RTK-GPS with 0.8″ level precision is what keeps him on the eye. But, when the robot moves outside your lawn, it will notify you. Your mobile phone will require your verification before operating further.

Anti theft

The 360 ° panoramic view permits you to utilize the Novabot as a house security system to discover unknown objects, unexpected activities, as well as abnormalities. But also to alert you through the Nova application.

Novabot simply knows when it is time to go home!

Even though is 100% weatherproof, when it rains heavily, it returns to the base. The humidity sensing units will discover whether water husks are also big. And Novabot will certainly avoid them!

charging Nvabot

Novabot is very easy to clean with a hose. IT is IPX6 water-proof and also made with ABS shell.

LF Advancement Ltd.

Novabot team

This is an AI-driven robotics startup. They aim to create and promote cost-effective autonomous lawnmowers.

 Also, giving clients one-stop extensive solutions such as:

  • autonomous grass cleansing
  • weed removal
  • grass mowing
Nova bot logo

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