Nulocore Dining Foosball Table
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Nulocore | Dining, Foosball, Business, Gaming, and Poker Table

A multifunctional table features table soccer and texas hold ’em, with magnetic accessories, For Residential & Office & Hospitality.

You are easily able to find several game tables which also served as a dining table on the market. The idea is as simple ad it is practical. Put a topper over a game table so that you can use it as a dining table!

Nulocore Dining Foosball Table

Nevertheless, these game tables are generally only for playing card games. Difficult to satisfy different game preferences, and for people who like sports, sitting for a long time is simply intolerable and unhealthy.

In line with their healthy living philosophy, they knew that they could take the game dining table concept one step further. The Nulocore Dining Foosball Table was born.

Nulocore Dining Foosball Table

The innovative two-sided system – have a game of Texas Hold’em

Thanks to the dining topper, in addition to being a standard table as well. The back is grooved and inlaid with a Texas poker game blanket.

Hey man, it can play Texas on the one hand and serve as a dining table on the other! The top hides the game surface and transforms your table into a traditional dining&coffee table. Your dinner guests won’t even know that there is a semi-finished Texas Hold’em poker or fierce soccer competition.

Nulocore Dining Foosball Table

Easily transform from different gaming

The best way to incorporate a foosball table without actually buying one is this foosball dining table. This impressive furniture piece is made of solid hardwood with details on every corner. Especially if you’re a passionate footer.

The cue and handle are removable. You can quickly transform your foosball table into a card play table.

Nulocore Dining Foosball Table

Wireless charge

Nobody likes messy wires and cords. Now the wireless power enables you to directly connect your devices to the table. So much more convenient.

The free cup holders

You can place drinks, cups, wine glasses, etc. Never mind the thirst! No fear of spilling on the table.

Nulocore Dining Foosball Table

The handy items container

Any small objects such as dice, chips, candles are available. The tray is curved to fit all-around rail accessories.

The office assistant

The office tray would be an agile partner for your study and work. You can even handle urgent work while playing.

Nulocore Dining Foosball Table

Choose between multiple material options and four play surface colors for your Nulocore Dining Foosball Table!

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