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Nyuair | The Smallest High-Speed Household Hand Dryer


A compact automatic hand dryer that is designed for a sophisticated lifestyle and perfect for your bathroom and kitchen.

Superior to hand dryers used in public areas. Nyuair gives you a brand new hand drying experience when you’re at home. It delivers you Super Hygienic Air with its unique air-duct design and the washable High-Density filter inside. Bid farewell to endless costs on paper towels. Nyuair is a must-have for those who want to protect the environment and save money as well. It’s the best partner for your wallet and the planet.


According to the survey statistics, over 80% of unused paper towels are polluted by bacteria in the air regardless of the transport method. Think about towels; that’s even more terrible! Ditch all the dirty towels now! You only need one Nyuair to truly clean and dry your hands with filtered and heated airflow. No touching with something, no more worry about Cross-Contamination!

Moreover, with the size of 8.1’’*5.7’’*4.0’’, Nyuair fits all the compact spaces in your house. Like the wall next to the kitchen sink or the washbasin in the bathroom.


Choose the one that best fits your interior decorating style.

The coolest thing is that the panel on Nyuair is magnetic, you can easily take it off and put it back with a click. The stylish design allows you to change another panel with a personalized pattern.

With a Hollow Design and an Ultra High-Efficiency Motor inside, the internal air-duct of Nyuair shows its efficiency to make the outlet airflow reach twice the intake. Nyuair draws up to 4.5 gallons of air per second, equivalent to the capacity of 18 glass bottles of Coca-Cola. Powered by this high-efficiency motor, Nyuair delivers you the mightiest airflow and quickly removes the water on your hands.


The air-duct of Nyuair will always be clean with the Built-in UV lamp. The UV lamp will turn on automatically 5 seconds after each hands-drying. And the high-density filter screen guarantees the hygiene of the internal structure which filters out 99.9% of dust and impurities. Nyuair is absolutely your green life essential item.

When you put your wet hands under Nyuair, the Touchless Sensor will automatically start the drying.


Being low in noise and having no harshness, Nyuair will not bother anyone else in your house or terrify your children and pets. Every member of your family can enjoy the 104℉/40℃ constant temperature and quickly dry their hands.

Perfectly built for home and personal use, Nyuair is super easy to install on the wall or stand on the countertop. To mount on the wall, you only need to stick the liquid nails backing on the wall for a Drill-Free Installation. You can also choose screws to get more permanent. Everything will be ready in the box. Moreover, you can add an extra bracket for flexible standing which you can install quickly within 5 secs.


Firstly, Nyuair is designed for compact areas like your kitchen and bathroom. But additionally, it can also meet commercial requirements such as offices, hotels, gyms, hospitals, restaurants, schools…You can put Nyuair anywhere you want to perfectly clean and dry your hands.

Nyuair Offers 1 Year Worry-Free Replacement Warranty for their Backers.

Nowadays more and more people realize the importance of environmental protection. Nyuair Team also considered the significance of this hand dryer for environmental protection. Household appliances should not only be luxurious, beautiful, and trendy.


They hope that they can reduce the use of paper towels and produce lower energy consumption and lower carbon emissions without reducing performance through our products. And years of practice have also proven that our world has begun to become greener, and they are truly happy and proud of it. They introduce this product to you and thank you for your dedication to the beauty of the earth.


Established in 2018, Nyuair Team owns a number of experienced engineers and designers who are committed to researching and developing home appliances that bring a new sense of experience to people. Nyuair’s business integrates R&D, production, and marketing. Their current products include hand dryers, hairdryers, and electric toothbrushes. To sum up, Nyuair Team continues to innovate categories and believes that innovation can change the dimension of life. They will continue to bring people a cleaner life and a better experience.

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