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ODEN X Backpack | Best Organization Meets Sanitizing Material

ODEN X Backpack: Best Organization Meets Sanitizing Material

23L+13 pockets+3 packing cubes| Water-resistant antimicrobial fabric | CR Power Frame ergonomic | Anti-theft

 Packed with best-in-class functions such as large and safe storage space, easy and practical access, thoughtful and functional organization, and stylish and ergonomic style, ODEN X is your best backpack for all events. In addition, it is also the world’s first antimicrobial backpack with Ag+ ions completely extruded right into the filaments of its textile. It brings comfort, safety and security, and relief anywhere with you and also represents your long-lasting dedication to adventure.

ODEN X Backpack: Best Organization Meets Sanitizing Material

The devoted pockets are flexible and arranged to stow important items, such as bank cards, Nintendo, MacBook, and so on, keeping all your components in place.

Side pockets are for simple access to essentials, which allow you to reach your stuff without removing the backpack.

ODEN X has a more-than-average capacity (23L) which provides more storage space for all of your everyday necessities, tech electronic devices, travel devices.

The zipper of ODEN X is specially designed to avoid the bag from being pierced with pens and knives. The teeth are totally unnoticeable while zipped up and also you can fasten the slider tightly on the security lock, with peace of mind while in the crowd.

The trademarked retractable 3-IN-1 charging cord permits having access to attach your device in secs instead of removing the bag to mess up for the power bank.

Tested by SGS, ODEN X has the ability to depress 99.9% of microorganisms, securing your health as well as alleviating your problem in the journey specifically throughout the duration of a pandemic.

ODEN X Backpack: Best Organization Meets Sanitizing Material

Packing cubes of ODEN X give you a neatly arranged system while packaging. You will never ever encounter a cluttered mess of creased clothing while navigating the bag. Not just can the cubes arrange the items in your bag, but also save space. They will certainly press your clothing together, offering you additional room to cram even more things.

BESTLIFE USA INTERNATIONAL LLC was founded in 2009 in Newark, CA, the United States, that generally devoted to developing a bag of travel, company, and lifestyle with a simple design and smart style.

In Spain, Europe, they have a branch workplace that is accountable for design and advertising. Nowadays, it operates in over 40 nations with business representatives in three continents. They make every effort to make urban traveling more secure and smarter, let people live a far better life.

ODEN X Backpack: Best Organization Meets Sanitizing Material

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