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OHVR | The Newest 4K HD 3D VR Glasses

OHVR The Newest 4K HD 3D VR Glasses

IMAX 360°Giant Screen | 3D 9-Axial Sensor | Immersive Game Experience | 4K HD Decoding | 0~800°Myopia Vision Adjustment | Smart Sensor | Mouse-type

They have tried different types of VR glasses. Some of them are not comfortable, some need to connect various devices to use, some pictures are stuck, and even the image quality is not HD. These are not good visual experiences, and they can’t play games and watch videos and 3D movies well. So they want to combine their strength to design one type of 3D glasses which is more suitable for diary life needs and a better experience. After many times of research and practice, they decide to make the newest 3D HD 4K OHVR glasses. 

OHVR | The Newest 4K HD 3D VR Glasses
  • 1. IMAX 360°Giant Screen Roaming 
  • 2.9-Axial Sensor 3D Mode 
  • 3. Immersive Game Experience 
  • 4.4K HD Decoding & Dual Resolution 2560*2560 
  • 5.0~800°Myopia Vision Adjustment 
  • 6. Built-in Sensor to Recognition  
  • 7. Mouse-type Controller 
  • 8. IMAX 360°giant screen roaming  
  • 9. Immersive game experience  
  • 10. 3D viewing mode & massive resources  
OHVR | The Newest 4K HD 3D VR Glasses

OHVR is offering rich online films and TV resources, automatically updating the latest and most popular films and TV, the 3D movie lives, and concerts on YouTube and other video platforms.

There are more various applications and games for you to enjoy and experience! 

OHVR The Newest 4K HD 3D VR Glasses

9-axial sensors (Tri-axial accelerometer & Tri-axial magnetic field sensor & Tri-axial gyroscope): The glasses adopt the rate of IMU 1000h2 dedicated to VR, with 16-bit conversion accuracy, and the attitude angle error is less than 3°. 

No matter whether you are playing games or dancing, you can capture every action of you, and the realistic experience of the picture is strengthened so that you can be immersive and feel every subtle action change. 

OHVR The Newest 4K HD 3D VR Glasses

4K HD decoding & dual resolution 2560*2560 & golden vision 96°, making the picture clearer, more delicate, and more realistic. The world’s Ultra HD fast LCD screen, with the highest pixel density, is professionally customized for VR, with excellent display performance. Pixels can reach 2560*2560 dual resolution. 

Matched mouse-type controller is regarded as a mouse to operate OHVR glasses, which is more convenient and exciting. 

OHVR The Newest 4K HD 3D VR Glasses

The built-in sensor realizes sensor distance sensing recognition. When a person takes off his glasses, the screen will be automatically suspended, the sensor will put it into sleep mode and save the content, it will work when using OHVR glasses next time, intelligently track the eye position, and correct the picture content direction. 

Cursor instruction: 

1. Turn the head to align the cursor on the screen with the application and option to be selected, and press the OK key to open it; 

2. The device can recognize the head rotation, and can position the head rotation to the screen display area, press the OK key to locate; 

OHVR The Newest 4K HD 3D VR Glasses

0~800° myopia vision adjustment left and right eyes possible to adjust separately. Most myopic people can use it easily without wearing glasses. Support up to 8D (image distance 0.125m-3m) to adjust the left and right eyes respectively for myopia; The eye mask is widened and can be used directly with glasses; Pupil distance adaptation, no need for pupil distance adjustment, a wide range of adaptation, to meet the needs of most people. 

Various SDK interfaces matched RGB dual cameras. 

OHVR The Newest 4K HD 3D VR Glasses

The system side provides a variety of SDK interfaces for multiple industries and fully supports user-defined actions such as gesture recognition, face recognition, text recognition, screen recording, voice recognition, eye tracking, 6DOF, etc. 

8-core processor, 8G running memory & 128G flash memory, it runs fast and refuses to stuck the screen. 

OHVR The Newest 4K HD 3D VR Glasses

It adopts an 8-core processor and deeply optimizes the 645Bit VR operating system, which can bring you a smoother game experience and refuse to stuck the screen. 

The XR1 chip is the most mature VR chip at present, which can guarantee performance, and meet the requirements of VR applications in most industries.XR1 supports 3DOF interaction and supports 6DOF expansion upgrades at the same time. 

OHVR The Newest 4K HD 3D VR Glasses

The top panel manufacturer BOE, which specializes in customizing high-resolution and high refresh rate displays for the VR industry, has a stable supply. 

Support TF256G memory expansion: you can download audio or file content to the TF memory card, and then insert glasses to use so that you can watch content without a network. 

Equipped with a dual speaker 3D stereo, it is a professional sound cavity design. Equipped with audio stereo output, it supports wearing your own headphones to listen to audio. 

OHVR The Newest 4K HD 3D VR Glasses

Built-in dual microphone output, it automatically eliminates echo and noise sounds, and realizes real-time intercom and sound voice recognition, or have a real-time game conversation with your friends when playing games as a role. 

OHVR features an ergonomic headwear type design and a three-point load-bearing headband.

OHVR The Newest 4K HD 3D VR Glasses

According to the ergonomic design, it fits the contour of the head, and the three-point stress is balanced, reducing the sense of compression. The tightness can be adjusted, reducing the load-bearing pressure on the head, making it more comfortable to wear, and it can also be replaced and cleaned. 

Friendly sponge material eye mask, which can make your skin to be breathable and wear more comfortable without indentation, it is also possible to remove and replace.

OHVR The Newest 4K HD 3D VR Glasses

Mini & portable & lightweight: the weight is about 223g, which is the lightest VR glasses in the world.

  1. Multiple lens combinations as military-grade accuracy 
  2. Multilayer evaporation and Multilayer film 
  3. High-tech workshop processing to guarantee mass production 

Through repeatedly testing the product quality to create the best, lightest, and most durable 3D VR glasses. 

OHVR The Newest 4K HD 3D VR Glasses

The best quality: Craftsmanship & precision construction, In order to achieve durable, high-quality, and exquisite 3D VR glasses. 

  • 1.53 pcs precision components 
  • 2.10 core processes 
  • 3.10 core processes 
  • 4.-20℃~50℃ temperature test 
  • 6.1800+times Plug-in test  
  • 7.24H Salt Spray Test 
  • 8.72H Aging test 
  • 9.1M Drop test
OHVR The Newest 4K HD 3D VR Glasses

Built-in Nibiru VR OS to provide system software and hardware integrated overall product solutions. 

1.Nibiru OS related technologies 

2. Full development support 

OHVR The Newest 4K HD 3D VR Glasses
  • Universal for all devices. It supports wired and wireless connections, which can be connected to WiFi and Bluetooth to use, it is wider compatibility to open your horizon and enjoy the IMAX screen experience online anytime and anywhere.  
  • WiFi connection to watch movies, TV, and concerts directly in VR glasses; 
  • Bluetooth connection supports connecting the mobile phone to watch music concerts and videos and so on. Mobile-only needs to install projection software and use VR screen technology to watch videos on it under the same WiFi. 
  • Support system: Android, OS system, MAC, windows system, etc. 
  • Support connecting type-c,6DOF & 3DOF handle, VPU, and other electronic products.
OHVR The Newest 4K HD 3D VR Glasses

5000mah big battery capacity, it is more long-life standby time, you can use OHVR glasses about 3~4 hours one time on the full power condition, let you enjoy 3D movies well, don’t worry about power off. 

Where I can use it? 

  1. VR teaching and training 
  2. VR movies  
  3. VR medical field 
  4. Health field  
  5. Game field 
  6. Exhibition 

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