OMEGA pants by Graphene-X

OMEGA pants by Graphene-X

The world’s first Graphene integrated pants!

After surveying more than two thousand backers, the message was clear. Backers wanted all-around pants. In a market flooded with ultra-light – eco-squishy – you “can’t even feel me” pants; truly tough all-round pants were missing. Is not that these super-light pants are bad or anything, but if we had to make a comparison, it would be like comparing the ride on a carbon fiber bike (say we were talking about nice light pants) and the ride on a 69’ ZL1 Camaro or a Land Rover Defender. We bet you can almost feel the difference between these two rides just by imagining them. Comfort, versatility/performance, and durability were the main aspects that mattered to our backers, so we knew where we had to work on.

• The first challenge was to develop a stretchable material that would withhold its waterproofness and breathability. When you are thinking of comfort in pants,
stretchability can’t be left out of the equation. Now, the problem is that when fabrics stretch, then you lose the waterproofness. Nevertheless, this was something we couldn’t sacrifice as being totally waterproof (not only water repellent but fully waterproof) was of paramount importance for us. In order to achieve this, we had to work with a rather complex process called “Transfer
Laminating” where the PU membrane is absolutely and totally fixed in 100% of its
contact points with the shell and lining fabrics (2 lamination runs are needed for this, the first between the membrane and the shell fabric and then the result of that with the inner lining). This allows the fabrics and membrane to act as one, stretching and keeping the waterproofness at all times. The result, a 3-layered pants with a 10k / 10k rating on waterproofness and breathability.
• This process allowed us also to get a 4-way stretch (weft and warp direction) resulting in a material that truly allowed freedom of movement.
• Now, we also wanted pants that would last. And when we work with Earth’s toughest and strongest material, we can really outperform here. Graphene is integrated with nylon on the shell face and monumentally increases the abrasion resistance of the OMEGA pants. We ran the Martindale abrasion and pilling test (this test basically “rubs” the fabrics over and over to see when it gets damaged). Normally the maximum amount of rubs you measure are 50.000 (just to make a point military grade clothing needs to be in good condition after 20.000 rubs). But we are all about experimenting and going the extra mile, so we requested a 150.000 rubs test. We’ve never heard of any brand exposing its gear to this level of abuse, so we won’t lie and sweated a bit waiting for the results. Gladly, the integration of Graphene didn’t disappoint, and the fabric was in perfect condition after 150.000 rubs.
• Having Graphene integrated on the shell face of the OMEGA pants also provides with far-infrared properties, so they will keep you warm and comfy when cold and will feel fresh when hot. Scientists are working to prove that Graphene can improve microcirculation due to the long infrared waves emitted. We still have no proof of this and won’t brag (too much) about this on this stage.
• On the lining we used 100% polyester knitting to provide the highest levels of comfort on your skin.

We live active lives and Bear Grill’s quote “Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.” makes more sense than ever. But… what if, we wouldn’t need to improvise that much, and our clothing would adapt to the situation rather than us having to change our gear every time we face a different scenario? Well, the OMEGA pants are engineered for this.
• Business casual: Check! (sorry lawyers).
• Hanging out: Check!
• Adventure mode: Check!
• Hiking / Trail: Check!
• Ski / Snowboard: Check!
• Cycling: Check!
• Motorcycling: Check!
• Storm mode: Check!
• Pool / Sea / River / Lake mode: Check!
• Covid-19 Lockdown mode: Check!
• Travel (hopefully any time before 2030) mode: Check!
• Uniform dressing mode (people that like to wear the same thing every day): Check!
• Be among the 0.000044% of the people on Earth to have Graphene integrated allround pants: Check!

• Fully waterproof/breathable 3-layer pants.
• 4-way stretchable fabric.
• Monumental abrasion resistance due to Graphene integration.
• Bacteriostatic.
• Fully windproof.
• PFC-50 UV protection.
• Moisture absorption.
• Eco-Bionic (PFC Free) water/stain repellent coating.
• Fully seam tapped to complement its performance.
• Self-regulating warmth.

Disclaimer: The OMEGA pants have WAY too many features and it may take a while to
discover them all. Be prepared to “study” pants for the first time in your life.
• RECCO reflector.
• Every single zipper in the OMEGA pants is YKK.
• Zippered pants/converts into shorts in a snap.
• Welded 2.5 cms belt loops.
• 2 front hand pockets w/zips.
• Mobile phone pocket.
• 2 front leg zippered pockets with storm flaps with magnetic closures.
• Pen/knife pocket.
• Watch pocket with strengthened nylon paracord
• 2 backside pockets on the back yoke with zips.
• Hidden inner zippered pouch.
• Side flap with a hidden carabiner loop.
• 2 side pockets with mesh for extra ventilation.
• Knee pre-shaped panels.
• Two levels adjustable hems with storm flaps. Snap buttons.
• All seams taped.
• Reinforced crotch.

Less stuff, but better stuff. This is part of our motto and it sure applies to our guarantee terms.
We work with the toughest material on Earth, with top-notch elements and with the best manufacturers in the world, and being the “best or the toughest” in anything comes with responsibilities. All our apparel is guaranteed for life. Any manufacturing defects or nonfunctional elements that attempt against the perfect performance of your product are fully covered. Now, if you are one of those that enjoy painting your art over your gear, firing flame throwers to test how tough is your OMEGA pants, or like to push Chuck Norris we won’t be able to help you. Basically, any misuse or intentional damage are only good for a funny video you can post on YouTube and get a zillion likes but not eligible for our guarantee.

Right from the beginning, Graphene-X has been Climate Neutral certified.
Graphene-X’s year 1 footprint estimate was equivalent to 10 t CO2. We decided to go the extra mile and purchase carbon offsets to the equivalent of 250 t [email protected] So yes, we are in reality carbon negative, meaning we offset more CO2 than the one our whole operation generates. Becoming Climate Neutral Certified is just a step in a long sustainability journey, but it’s a step in the right direction.

We aim to become a global brand and we will make it in a way no other brand has dared before. We fully believe in the power of passionate individuals and in the limitless possibilities of the connected world we live in today. We also pride ourselves on being a “backer-centric” brand so we are happy to put our money where our mouth is. We are looking for backers who are passionate about the brand, the disruptive potential of graphene, and passionate about making something really different / better by contributing with their talent to the growth of a brand in a way it has never been done before. 5-10 backers will
be chosen to compose this board (we already have 2 selected from our previous backers). Besides contributing to doing something that has never been done before and having the chance to show the world your awesome ability, we share and divide 1% of all the company revenues (not the profits, the revenues!) of the current fiscal year among the directors.

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