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OmniCentro Switch Dock | Nonstop Big Screen Gaming On-The-Go

OmniCentro Switch Dock

The perfect alternative for your original Switch dock. Pocket-sized, cheaper & more versatile. Supports 4K HD video, 45W PD fast charge

What if you could carry the entire set of chargers and dock for Nintendo Switch in your pocket and connect 4K external monitors and data storage to your laptop at the same time? Meet OmniCentro switch dock, a super-compact dock only ⅕ the size of the original one. Integrated with a 45W GaN charger which enables you to turn any screen into your entertainment center and workstation.

OmniCentro switch dock

When they say take the fun everywhere, it doesn’t mean taking the load everywhere.

OmniCentro is way smaller than the original dock. The size is only ⅕ of the original one.

OmniCentro switch dock

The removable extended cable that reaches the “dead zone” it couldn’t reach before.

Whether you play switch with your friends using individual consoles or on the shared screen, or by yourself with a connected external screen, OmniCentro is the best game partner that improves your gaming experience.

OmniCentro switch dock

Sharper image, better game experience.

OmniCentro is compatible with both Nintendo Switch with 1080p resolution and can go up to 4K resolutions. If you are using OmniCentro for the extended screen when you are watching videos or movies, get an OmniCentro to improve your watching experience!

It not only benefits the switch players but also office workers and those who work from home. USB-C & USB-A support power charging, extra monitor connecting, and data delivery. You can also use the USB-A 3.0 as a dock to connect Pro handles, keyboard, and mouse.

OmniCentro switch dock

Quickly power up your devices anywhere, anytime

Is OmniCentro only a Switch Dock? No, it is also a powerful charger! OmniCentro is a miniature GaN charger with an output of up to 45W.

OmniCentro is all-rounded protection for devices. When there is overcurrent, over-voltage or short circuit happens, it will automatically turn the protection system on. It is safe, smart, and shouldn’t take worries to the fun.

OmniCentro, your daily necessity for work, leisure, and gaming. No matter the scenario it is been used for, this gadget will provide you with the best experience.

OmniCentro switch dock

The tram behind this gadget is JSUAX which integrates independent research and development, design, production, and sales. It has been deeply engaged in 3C digital products such as charging, transmission, video, and audio for a long time. According to the core concept of “Connect More, Power More”, they always insist on using reliable, practical and innovative products with a complete range of categories, connecting more digital life scenarios. Empowering the digital life of consumers around the world.

OmniCentro switch dock

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