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OPTICHUB | USB-C Optic Fiber Hub Extender Up To 300m


World’s 1st Video & USB-C Optical Fiber Extender, W/ Thunderbolt 3 4K60P HDR and 10Gbps USB support, No compression and latency!

This video and USB data all-in-one extender can extend HDMI and USB-C full-spec signals up to 300 meters using one single cable of optic fiber. Supporting 4K60P HDR HDMI2.0b and USB3.2 gen2 10Gbps at the same time. With its wide device compatibility, it’s ideal for gaming, home theatres, CCTV, auditoriums, live broadcasting studios, videography studios, video conferences, presentations, or any other highly collaborative work situations where the range is often a requirement.


You can order the plug-and-play cable of optic fiber in flexible length from 1 to 300 meters. 

OPTICHUB is the perfect solution to any digital signal situation.

Whether it be at home, office, campus, command center, monitoring room, editing studio, or others.


Utilizing the reflection of light, digital signals are sent as pulses of light without interference or limitation via optic fiber. This is much faster and more reliable than any copper wire or wireless transmission.

Optical fiber transmits a signal using light instead of electrons. Which induces no distortion, no suppression, and no compression, as generally applied in aerospace and military to transfer data over thousands of meters. OPTICHUB is the world’s first commercial product using optical fiber to transfer both video and USB data.


Lengthy HDMI and USB cables are so bulky and heavy that it is hard to even imagine taking both 10m-long HDMI and USB cables with you in a backpack. But you can easily place OPTICHUB’s 10m optic cable in any small handbag, to permit a much faster transmission rate and more flexible setup for short and long-distance situations alike.

The video you receive is the same as the video leaving the remote video player.

By supporting 4K60P 4:2:0 10-bit HDR no compression video, Optichub gives you higher contrast and vivid colors for a more realistic viewing experience.


WIFI, Ethernet, and other protocols like HDBaseT are common options when it comes to transferring video over long distances. But all of them are lossy and laggy. Currently, fiber optic is the best way to transfer 4K60P HDR video with no compression nor delay. In other words, feeling like you are right next to your console.

OPTICHUB is fully driver-less, and it can work on every OS including Windows, macOS, Linux, or even iPad, Xbox without any installation or software setting. Simply hook it up with cables and enjoy.


Undoubtedly, speed is essential to making the most of your gaming experience. Poor connection or any lag over long distances will inevitably result in ‘game over’. OPTICHUB’s super-fast optic fiber is absolutely your best weapon to win the battle. Even when you are hundreds of meters away from the console.

Present your idea confidently from your computer without the limitation of distance.

HDMI and USB are the two most widely used protocols in the world. As supported by OPTICHUB via plug-&-play, it can work with any host and device you want.


Game consoles, desktop and laptop computers, tablets, phones, TV boxes, cameras, interactive whiteboards, etc. everything you can think of.

Let them know if any new connectivity idea pops up, and enter to win an OPTICHUB for free!

With OPTICHUB, you can control external devices that are connected to your TV/Blue-ray player with HDMI using your remote. Finally, no more hunting for multiple remotes. Get rid of the extra remotes and simplify your home theatre.

Whether you are using a smartphone, laptop, tablet, or computer, you can take the expressway of light, and control everything at lightning speed.


OPTICHUB is formed by optical module manufacturers and electronic product manufacturers operating in the industry for many years.

The team has mature development and production experience in their respective fields. They can quickly deliver mature, stable, and advanced optical interconnection products to users.

The goal of the company is to use its technical capabilities in the optical communication and electronics industries to promote optical fiber interconnection products to the consumer market and replace the traditional copper cable transmission, so as to eliminate the limitations of USB, HDMI, DisplayPort, and other interfaces in transmission rate, distance, ease of use and so on.


OPTICHUB will bring faster, farther, and lighter next-generation communication technology to PC, games, mobile terminals, and other industries.

OPTICHUB LLC is responsible for OPTICHUB promotion and tech support in the US.

Its parent company E-like Industrial (HongKong) Limited and Shenzhen Euroway Technology have more than 10 years of R&D experience in consumer-grade AOC optical modules. And they also share 30% and more of the global market.

It owns HDMI membership, HDMI2.1, Armored HDMI, ISO certification, etc.

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