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Oumua | Your Ultimate Breathing Trainer

Care for your well-being and athletic performance. Improve your breathing experience. Boost your endurance and lung capacity.

Introducing Oumua. Your light-weight and portable breathing instructor is made to enhance your endurance, lung performance, and also improve your overall health in under 10 minutes a day.

If you’re running out of breath it could be from climbing up the staircases … an intense workout … or perhaps getting up too fast! Regardless of our health and fitness degrees, breathing is always one of the biggest variables holding us back.


And also while traditional breathing techniques do function, sessions can be lengthy and may take years to master. On the other hand, the current breathing trainers all share similar problems;

  • They look cumbersome and odd
  • You look strange while using them
  • They make you hypersalivate, as well as create a rigid lower jaw.

They train inhalation and exhalation at the same time developing bad habits, mistakes while working out, overlaps, and pullbacks.


Oumua was born out of the search for the ideal respiratory muscle training tool for everyday use.

They want you to gain from breathing exercises – not just the pro athletes and yoga gurus!

Oumua integrates a healthy and balanced breathing behavior, with a flawlessly well-balanced customer experience with magnificent space-inspired visual appeals. Breathing perfection – at your fingertips.

Oumua’s separated airflow channels permit faster-exercising results while aiding you to stay clear of usual blunders and respiratory discrepancies.


Existing sporting activities scientific research agrees with breathing methods and practices dating back hundreds of years, that inhalation and exhalation resistance training ought to be divided, as inspiration and expiration are generally perceived as 2 different processes.

Working out both inhalation and exhalation at the same time is likely to exacerbate the existing discrepancies, causing training overlaps and rollbacks.

Oumua has 2 different air channels that permit you to carry out the inhalation and exhalation movements individually. By slowly tailoring the resistance levels, you’ll progress quicker, and prevent usual exercising mistakes from other techniques.


All it requires to gain control of your breathing are 5 to 7 mins of inhalation training in the early morning, and 5 to 7 mins of exhalation resistance training at night. Experience a visible boost in your breathing performance with simply these 10 to 15 mins of day-to-day exercising.

Ouma’s patent-pending Gradient resistance system guides you via 6 resistance degrees. Based on your objectives, from basic well-being to sports renovation.

Nothing ought to hold you back from strengthening your breathing experience. That’s why a mild recess in the center makes it very easy to switch over between the resistance degrees, even in the dark, for individuals with low muscular tissue tone, and if you have endangered fine motor abilities.


Oumua additionally “clicks” whenever you change the resistance degree. A user-friendly and easy-to-use feature for seniors and users with inadequate vision.

Oumua gives resistance degrees tailored for both general health as well as athletic renovation, beginning with reasonably low 8 сm (3.14 inches) of H2O resistance – all the way up to hard-to-crack 60 сm (23.6 inches), something even skilled athletes will find tough.

Prepared to level up your breathing?

Pre-order Oumua, and pick the color (Belize, Rosewood, Azure, Onyx, Pearl) and the add-ons via a backer survey after the campaign finishes.


Oumua exterior is a referral to nature’s sensation, the Nautilus Pompilius, whose covering is a perfect representation of the golden spiral.

Its minimal exterior reduces undue focus, and there are no resonances, sounds, or experiences. It’s a handy size, easy to use, intuitive, and discrete.

The name is inspired by Oumuamua – Hawaiian for “first distant carrier” – as well as the name provided to the initial well-known interstellar object to make it into our Solar System.

Resistance settings “1” and “2” are ideal for the breathing technique newbies, seniors, and users with jeopardized respiratory system feature; “3” and “4” provide a moderately challenging training experience that will fit most users; “5” and “6” appropriate for qualified breathing experts as well as professional athletes.

Oumua height is 4.9 inches, the switcher is 1.6 inches wide, the mouthpieces are 0.4 inches; the deepness is 0.9 inches. Oumua weight is 1.41 oz, Oumua Pro weighs 2.9 oz.

Oumua is an engineering and individual experience perfection. It is hand-sized, lightweight, instinctive, easy to use, and durable. The assembly process is quick as well as totally fault-proof.

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