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OYeet NEX Pro Massage Gun | Breakthrough the Limits

OYeet NEX Pro Massage Gun: Breakthrough the Limits

60lbs Force|40% Deeper Depth|3500PPM|1.2lbs Lightweight|8 Pro Attachments|240mins Runtime

Many people undervalue the benefits of an expert massage gun. OYeet NEX Pro Massage Gun quickens muscle recuperation and aids professional athletes to push themselves to their limits. No more slowing down caused by cramps or muscle discomfort triggered by training.

OYeet team works with athletes and professionals to sustain your needs and offer the best wellness experience. Professional athletes make no compromises, nor do they.

OYeet NEX Pro Massage Gun Breakthrough the Limits

Probably you remember their previous successful OYeet NEX campaign. Well, they’re back and bringing you the OYeet NEX Pro with even more power, more amplitude, and more professional add-ons. Their goal is simple: their wish to build the best expert massage gun on the marketplace.

OYeet NEX Pro Pro Massage Gun decreases inflammation and muscular tissue tension by 50%, breaks up those bothersome knots after tough training.

In other words, boosts the blood flow of muscle tissue into the circulation for fast recuperation, and accelerates rehabilitation within 2 minutes.

OYeet NEX Pro Massage Gun Breakthrough the Limits

It is qualified to break up scar tissue as well as adhesions to recover your muscles! It gives an outstanding percussive massage & reactivates all your muscles and keeps you moving on a daily basis. 50% deeper tissue relaxation!

OYeet NEX Pro is providing the best massage therapy performance on the market in the most portable package.

OYeet NEX Pro Massage Gun Breakthrough the Limits

Powered by NEXPower ™ Technology, the latest high torque 98.8 W NP38 electric motor strikes 40% deeper right into the skin. Therefore, approximately 3500 PPM at 50 times per second. Effective cores offer outstanding results as the maximum force of 60 lb permeates your deep tissue at a depth of 12.55 mm.

Sports science research study has actually led them in selecting the strength of 60lbs of pressure. It’s sufficient to alleviate the pain however not too much to aggravate the issue and offer you the control you require to recover quicker.

OYeet NEX Pro Massage Gun Breakthrough the Limits

The durable dual shafts in NEX Pro are constructed with Aircraft-grade aluminum to ensure resilient performance and unneeded vibration. Constructed from crafted fiberglass, the handle is fully covered with liquid silicone. It’s very soft to touch and comfy to grasp.

Effective performance does not have to be accompanied by a bulky structure.

50% lighter and 40% smaller!

OYeet NEX Pro is one of the most compact designs on the market and features sports engineering at its very best.

OYeet NEX Pro Massage Gun Breakthrough the Limits

Constructed of 100% metal and resilient high-density plastic, the 8 professional attachments are created for sports performance, pain alleviation, and injury rehabilitation.

Designed to go with your active life, the NEX Pro includes all 8 expert accessories neatly packed in a TSA-approved premium traveling case. Smaller than a book, it’s the new must-have that conveniently suits your gym bag or handbag.

Massage sessions shouldn’t be loud and disturbing like other massaging tools with more than 60 dB. That’s why OYeet NEX Pro at only 45 dB – enabling you to kick back and recover much faster.

OYeet NEX Pro Massage Gun Breakthrough the Limits

Wherever you are, the sound won’t disturb anyone nor yourself.

By enhancing the industrial design of the NP38 motor with NEXPower ™ modern technology, they have significantly boosted runtime by 40% contrasted to any other device on the marketplace.

Feel confident that the NEX Pro has a long battery life of as much as 240 minutes. With each charge of NEX Pro and 10 minutes of massage time every day, it can last up to a month of massage time so you can enjoy more sessions.

OYeet NEX Pro Massage Gun Breakthrough the Limits

To charge your NEX Pro, simply connect it with the USB cord. The ring will illuminate to notify you when the NEX Pro is ready to use.

The smart NEX Pro also has a cordless charging stand. It includes the innovative style of a non-slip suction cup to secure itself on the desk. With their unique built-in sensor technology that provides visual feedback, you can get feedback and information during the massage process. Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of each massage session!

OYeet NEX Pro Massage Gun Breakthrough the Limits

OYeet is quipped with 4-speed settings from 1400ppm to 3500ppm. Therefore, it allows you to choose your wanted power for the massage of warming up or recovery. The loop setting starts at 1400ppm and gradually increases to 3500ppm before the circulation continues. You can enjoy the different power with no diversions.

Experience the effective and ultra-portable OYeet NEX Pro, the high-performance treatment in an elevated, premium-quality design.

They have created the NEX Pro that in such a way that it is not just ergonomic and easy to use however extremely simple to manage as a result of its light-weight design and one-button operation.

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