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OYeet NEX | The Most Powerful & Portable Massage Gun

Deep Tissue Muscle Recovery, Anytime & Anywhere | 40lbs Force | 3500 PPM Speed | Ultra-Portable

Introducing OYeet NEX massage gun, the world’s strongest and portable percussion massage gun. With NEX, you can have all the benefits of a professional and high-speed high stoke massage gun. Get your massage therapy whenever and wherever you need it, all thanks to this pocket-size massage gun.

OYeet NEX:The Most Powerful & Portable Massage Gun

NEX comes in a stylish and elegant shape that’s small, practical, and has a noise level that’s between 45-55 dB (i.e. it’s pretty close to silent). Combined all together, you’re in a complete state of enjoyment, flow and relief when using NEX.

NEX is the perfect partner for any indoor or outdoor activities or sports: such as hiking, cycling, running, ball sports, you name it. You get rapid muscle recovery, maximum delivery and enhanced workout results.

NEX goes 60% deeper into the skin at precisely 50 times per second and 3,500ppm. It targets sore spots, enhances muscle recovery, releases stress and tension within the body, and also soothes aches and pains.

Their founder and power users team searched for a natural solution for customer’s pain. Ten versions later, they birthed NEX-a unique device that addressed their initial objectives. A massage gun that has a 40lbs force that doesn’t stall and, it offers greater tension release.

OYeet NEX:The Most Powerful & Portable Massage Gun

NEX’s streamlined, cutting-edge build means it’s only the size of an iPhone (6.1 x 3.9 x 1.8 in) and weighs just over a pound. Store it comfortably in your pocket and bag, that’s if the attractive design doesn’t have you showing it off to the world instead.

When the slim, compact NEX is in your hand you’d never know you were holding a powerful engine. One that allows you to massage your entire body with just the one hand. It’ll turn you into a self-massaging master.

Instead of using plastic shafts like other average massage device (which will probably last less than a year), OYeet NEX utilizes two, 100%-metal shafts with a heavy-duty 600 mN.m torque and a 30% longer life usage.

OYeet NEX:The Most Powerful & Portable Massage Gun

When you have a noise reduction design that’s patented and a motor that’s brushless, you get a powerful massage that’s practically silent. Whether at home or in public, quiet, 45 dB relief is with you.

With 240 minutes of battery life, you can spend 10 minutes every day on muscle recovery for an entire month, uninterrupted.

The Core-less Charging Stand beautifully displays your NEX for hassle-free charging and quick access to your device. Forgot to carry the charging stand? Don’t worry, simply plug the provided, universal USB cable into a wall charger or laptop and you’re good to go.

NEX comes with 4 different speed settings controlled by a single button. Treat sensitive areas or use the full power of the device, with a simple click.

NEX is not only 60% smaller than most massage guns, it comes with a travel-friendly pouch. Go anywhere your active urges take you, and you’ll have immediate relief by your side.

NEX comes with four different shapes of massage attachments that are equally portable.

NEX comes with a guide on three sets of health solutions. Explore our step-by-step warm-up, recovery and ailment routines. You can also get a free, downloadable version from the official O’Yeet website.

OYeet NEX:The Most Powerful & Portable Massage Gun

Speed and power, together, in a comfortable, minimalist design. That’s NEX. The cutting-edge NEXPower Technology behind it all provides ergonomic comfort, incredible portability, and a new level of professional performance. But you don’t have to be a professional to attain a perfect massage balance of speed, force and depth. NEX is your pocket-sized training partner, giving you quality muscle treatment wherever your active lifestyle takes you. Be healthier and feel better, anywhere, with NEX.

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