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Here comes the new one for your bike!

Dear readers, backers, professional or amateur bikers, Personomic is something that will be very handy for You – literally!

3D printed to fit your hand

Personomic in colors

The bike grip from Personomic is the last grip you will ever require. Made of 100% silicone to avoid sticky feeling, and personalized to your preferences.

You will forget about hand discomfort with your own custom-made bike hold.

personomic in use

Throughout the development, they reach out to their colleagues who are specialized in ergonomics, and also medical experts.

Independent studies have revealed that Personomic grips stand out! The main focus was reducing the pressure on the hands. Hence protecting against and minimizing usual cycling-related hand issues.

Woman on bike

The grips fit on almost any handlebar since they are standard-sized!

Personomic brigs solution to previous problems

If you are a cyclist, most probably you are dealing with several problems. Most common it’s the saddle or the bike handle. You experience numbness, prickling, or even pain! That can truly mess up the cycling routine.

Uniqe hands

Previously, bicycle grips came in basic dimensions, created with an average-sized hand in mind. For that reason, these grips only make up a compromise. For lots of people, it is mostly a poor one, because every hand is different.

design of Personomic

Furthermore, the majority of bicycle holds are made of rubber. The problem is they become sticky after a short period. The plasticizers in the material are of bad quality. They dissolve due to UV radiation and sweat.

couple on bikes with Personomic

Their solution transforms the bike grip market on its head. Every bike grip that is printed 3D! Why? To fit each biker! With simply a photo of the hand, you have optimal support. The grip from Personomic is fully made from silicone. That means it will never become sticky. Also, it will last for many years.

Benefits & Characteristics of Personomic

Personomic is custom-made for your hands. They take the individual features of your hand into account. The size and length of your fingers and also your hand. This allows for an ideal fit!

Perfect fit wit Personomic

The force dispenses equally throughout your hand. There are no pressure peaks that compress the nerves. Similar to an orthopedic insole.

The enlarged surface with the wing also gives your wrist support and protects against hyperextension. That is one of the major factors for numbness or tingles in fingers.

Couple on bikes

Silicone against stickiness

 Standard bike grips are constructed from rubber. The result is quickly starting to be sticky because of the plasticizers.

They have recognized this issue and as a result, they use silicone in Personomic. It is extremely abrasion-resistant and guarantees not to become sticky.

Your customized design

Orange Personomic

They define the form of the hold but you design it! You can choose from over 350 combinations, and be your designer. Pick the color, texture, and lock rings. You can even have the deal with etched, making your Personomic grip unique. Isn’t that fantastic??

Green personomic

Quality 100% made in Germany

They use top-quality materials and manufacture. Producing it in Germany – to offer a premium grip. Rapid Shape is their partner. They are one of the globe’s leading makers of 3D printing systems!

Rapidshape logo

Studies to prove the Personomic effectiveness

The reviews of their testers are verified by pressure evaluations. The research study was performed by the University of Stuttgart. Personomic custom-made bike holds were compared to 6 various other ergonomic grips offered on the market.

Guess who was on the top by quality?

Personomic logo
Team Personomic

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