Peterest: The World's 1st No-Power Scoop-Free Cat Litter Box
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Peterest | The World’s 1st No-Power Scoop-Free Cat Litter Box


No scoop, no electricity, no contact, no odor | Open/Enclosed convertible | Eco-friendly disposable waste bin | Large room for big cats

Don’t you hate cleaning that smelly cat litter? It’s the worst part for me because I personally can’t stand the odor. Peterest will ensure the most efficient way to get rid of the litter and keep your cat’s box tidy. They will be thankful and perhaps give you just a bit more attention than usual :).

Peterest The World's 1st No-Power Scoop-Free Cat Litter Box features

Love your cat, but hate the unpleasant routine – scooping? If you use a traditional cat litter box, you need to scoop at least once a day, and probably replace the plastic litter box itself at least once a year or wash the box thoroughly with a detergent. And then on top of that, there’s the unavoidable dust, litter scattered everywhere, and smelly odor all the time.

Peterest The World's 1st No-Power Scoop-Free Cat Litter Box pull-n-scoop

You could go for a fully-automatic cat litter box, but those have to be placed close to the power supply, the noise of the machine may frighten your cat, and what’s worse, you’d be surprised at how many cats are actually dying from mechanical failure of those fully-automatic litter boxes. Yikes! Luckily, Peterest has none of these problems and is here to save the day!

Peterest The World's 1st No-Power Scoop-Free Cat Litter Box

Pull the handle, the rake will slide to scoop the waste into the waste receptacle beneath. Out of sight, out of smell.

Whether it’s little poops or clumps of pee, the Peterest effortlessly scoops it with its proprietary scooping systems, so you don’t have to! No more scooping by hand.

Peterest works with any kind of clumping litter such as clay litter, crystal litter, and more.

Peterest The World's 1st No-Power Scoop-Free Cat Litter Box

With Peterest, the smells and odors of your cat box are significantly reduced. You can place the box right in your front room and still not smell it because the smelly clumps are quickly scooped into a sealed container that keeps odor trapped.

The extra-large waste bin allows up to 7 days free of scooping for one cat​. Moreover, Peterest offers a spacious interior with the capacity for cats of all weights and ages.

Peterest The World's 1st No-Power Scoop-Free Cat Litter Box scoop

The best thing about Peterest is the whole process is contact-free. All wastes and odors are segregated within the small container, so you don’t have to touch it or scoop it out yourself.

Everything you hated about scooping and cleaning has been fixed with Peterest!

The litter box is deep enough so the waste doesn’t stick to the bottom and there’s plenty of room for your cat to maneuver around inside and do their business.

Peterest The World's 1st No-Power Scoop-Free Cat Litter Box

It filters bad odor, you breathe in pure air.

Enclosed design and replaceable charcoal filter accomplish odor control.

Equipped with an enclosed design, Peterest can keep the litter inside, reduce litter loss, and contain the odor.

Along with a replaceable charcoal filter, the odor control system is reinforced and your cat is more pleasant to use the litter box.

Peterest The World's 1st No-Power Scoop-Free Cat Litter Box container

The rake combs through the litter removing all the clumps but still leaving the litter behind and raises it to 3.5 inches to leak the litter. That means your litter lasts longer because you’re not scooping all of it out with the poop and pee!

The rake can be detached easily and cleaned thoroughly. It doesn’t hold any odors or get stained in any way. Just a quick spray off with some water and it’s completely clean and ready for action.

Easily remove the top and dispose of the waste bin whenever you feel the need. And when you put every part back together, it keeps all the odors nicely contained in a mostly sealed environment. Besides, the detached bottom can be used as an open litter box and stacked for convenient transportation.

Peterest The World's 1st No-Power Scoop-Free Cat Litter Box specs

Peterest tells you when it’s time to scoop. The short plastic pole will pop up when your cat enters the box automatically. Then, you know it’s time to scoop. You can press the pole back down after you’ve completed the job to reset it.

No electricity is needed. You can put Peterest anywhere.

When it comes to litter boxes, electric (or fully automatic) sounds good, but there are actually quite a few drawbacks.

It doesn’t matter if your cat is big or small. Peterest is a great litter box where it can easily fit and do its business without any troubles. Even if your cat is Savannah, Maine Coon, or Highlander, it can stay in the box comfortably.

Peterest The World's 1st No-Power Scoop-Free Cat Litter Box

There is a transparent front window so you can always keep an eye on what’s going on and see the level of the cat litter. But the other walls are not transparent so your cat can feel safe while it goes to the bathroom and also has some privacy.

One of the worst things about typical litter boxes is all the litter that gets scattered around the box. With Peterest, there is a built-in litter trap under the swinging door that catches most of the litter from your cat’s paw as they exit the box. That way the area around your litter box stays clean, and your cat isn’t tracking litter all around the house.

Peterest The World's 1st No-Power Scoop-Free Cat Litter Box no electricity

Start your effortless cat litter scooping journey, and enjoy a happy life with your lovely kitty.

Most people like pets and yearn for a harmonious life where they can play with their pets. Pets have become part of our family members. This also means that pets need to be taken care of like our family members. The owner will naturally take some responsibilities in daily care. The Peterest Team hopes to share the responsibilities with pet lovers, reduce work, make pet raising easier, and let every pet family have more time to enjoy the fun of life with pets.


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