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PIVOT | The Spray Bottle Reinvented

PIVOT The Spray Bottle Reinvented

Effortlessly spray at any angle. Use every drop without priming. Save the earth from “disposable” culture!

PIVOT is the first game-changing spray container with a pivoting trigger sprayer that permits you to spray at any angle up until the last drop.

PIVOT’s patented rotating trigger sprayer freely rotates 180º while the bottle continues to be in a level positioning during use, preserving ideal circulation at any kind of angle.

PIVOT The Spray Bottle Reinvented

Many spray bottles need unlimited priming of the pump just to work right. If you turn your regular spray up or down, you wind up spraying only air. This means you have to kill your flow and your lower arm priming the pump a few thousand times simply to clear the air while you are spewing chemicals everywhere.

Spray bottles have actually been around for over 60 years and haven’t seen any particular innovation. As a matter of fact, most development around spray bottles has been focused on cutting prices to raise earnings. This causes a less than desirable individual experience due to a lack of quality, driving customers to discard old containers versus recycling them since they weren’t made to last.

PIVOT The Spray Bottle Reinvented

PIVOT was created out of a dire demand for a robust, trusted, and a multiple-use spray bottle that might easily be used around your home or at work. Another functional device to do the job, frustration-free.

Sustainability Advantages of Reusing Spray Bottles

If every household in the United States changed its versatile cleaner with a non-disposable, homemade variation, we might potentially get rid of the demand for over a BILLION plastic spray containers every year!

PIVOT The Spray Bottle Reinvented

It would be possible to draw away thousands of chemicals from our homes and water supply by using reliable, non-toxic ingredients. By supporting this campaign, you are helping fix both of these concerns. They are on a mission to decrease plastic waste and keep our planet safe.

After many years of hard work, they have every little thing in place to take PIVOT to market at scale. They partnered with the biggest product packaging representative in North America to deal with the total supply chain; from production to quality control.

PIVOT The Spray Bottle Reinvented

Throwing away containers with chemicals still in them is now a thing of the past. With PIVOT, there’s no need for consistent priming or excessive pumping, no more chemical squandered and less plastic building up in the garbage dump.

The small size of PIVOT’s footprint can boost transport payloads and retail rack space by approximately 30% when compared to common 32oz spray bottles.

Nexshift Inc. is a product innovator & incubator of new ideas, bringing user-focused solutions to market.

PIVOT The Spray Bottle Reinvented

A development team directly concentrated on rocking the boat without hesitation, barriers, or problems for anything besides improving customer experience. With skilled design professionals and ingenious methods, Nexshift produces lasting options for old troubles.

Design innovative products hyper-focused on boosting individual experience.

PIVOT The Spray Bottle Reinvented

Other significant user benefits are:

  • Your relaxed wrist angle allows you to bear the weight of the liquid without strain.
  • The bottle has a low center of gravity and stays upright even when the liquid level is low.
  • PIVOT stores in less space!  The reduced height allows it to easily store upright under sinks and on shelves.
  • The trigger locks down for storage, making it safer for children.
  • PIVOT is chemical resistant and high output, delivering more fluid per pull than most sprayers.
  • PIVOT is designed to refill, with a wide mouth bottle that is stable to pour in, without toppling or spilling.
PIVOT The Spray Bottle Reinvented

PIVOT benefits for the earth:

  • PIVOT is a robust, reusable tool, designed to be used indefinitely!  This results in much less plastic and chemical in the waste stream!
  • Switching to reusable spray bottles can save an estimated 1.3 MILLION gallons of chemical waste and a staggering 175 MILLION pounds of plastic waste from our land, streams, and oceans!
  • The shipping volume of PIVOT is 1/3 less than traditional sprayers, resulting in a smaller carbon footprint to deliver the product.
  • They are targeting PIVOT’s use with chemical concentrates in which a user just adds water.  This eliminates the “throw-away” sprayer culture and allows the water-less chemicals to be shipped at significantly reduced weight and energy costs.

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