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Pluto Square | The Modern Cat Litter Cube

Pluto Square

Self-Cleans Automatically Minutes After Your Cat Leaves with Splash & Dust Controls

Self-Cleans Automatically Minutes After Your Cat Leaves with Splash & Dust Controls

Pluto’s core value has always centered on the ultimate health and care of cats while making products that are affordable, high-performing, convenient, and beautifully designed.

Pluto Square

Sieve and drop for ultimate odor control and the easiest litter disposal

Weight and safety sensors activate.

The smart litter box revolution has only begun — and Pluto Square is decades ahead.

Spring clean air to keep your cat happy and you in control. Eliminate odor and splash with the stepper that coordinates perfectly with the canopy. Say goodbye to dust plumes and residue from litter cleaning

Pluto Square

Spacious enough for newborn kittens or a big cat. With a canopy in place, your feline friend doesn’t have to go in the dark 

Less stress, no mess.

Traps odors in so no one smells the litter. Pull out, lift the litter bag, slide a new bag in and push the bin in place.  You just have to clean the bin only once a week.

Pluto Square

Set up multiple Pluto Squares for 3-4 cats. Perfectly fits side by side.

Pluto Square ensures your cat’s bathroom stays clean and pristine when you leave them at home.

Pluto Square gives you back the hours spent each month scooping litter so you can focus on what matters most.

Along with time, Pluto Square saves you from some of the stress from cleaning up after your cat and ensuring your home is odor-free.

Pluto Square

Worried to leave your cat alone at home? Ensure that their bathroom stays clean and pristine with Pluto Square.

Pluto Square is designed by the core members of Circle Zero, the #1 cat litter box in Korea and Japan and is produced by top-notch South Korea-based manufacturing company Hanmiflex, a vendor of LG Electronics.

Pluto Square

Only Pluto SQUARE makes cat litter design easy, efficient, and beautiful.

Simply lift the top bin and rinse the litter tray with warm water.

Hae Min loves cats. When unsanitary litter most probably caused one of his beloved feline companions to die of kidney failure, Hae Min called on his background in product design and marketing as he made it his passion to create an automatic cat litter box that was safe to use, always sanitary and reasonably priced. Hae Min also knew that litter boxes were considered an eyesore, and he wanted one that was beautifully designed.

Pluto Square

Hanmi Flexible

They are a leading home appliance manufacturer with major clients such as LG, Hyundai Mobis, Hitachi, and Panasonic. Their production facilities are located in Korea and Vietnam.

From modeling and prototype development and now ready for production!

PLUTO is ISO14001 and FCC Certified.  They take great responsibility and are aware of their environmental obligations and are looking to reduce environmental impact.


Pluto has been supporting the local community since day one, providing automatic litter boxes to No-kill & rescue shelters for cats.

Through Pluto Square, they will expand our support to the world where a clean and healthy environment is provided for cats as well as helping people who take the time and care of abandoned animals with great love.

Pluto Square

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