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Pocket 2S | Feiyu’s Ultimate 3-Axis Gimbal Camera

‘Compact yet effective!’

red design pocket 2s

This is the trademark of the Feiyu Pocket 2S. This petite gimbal cam is the first of its kind. It is small-sized but brings a lot of versatility. The detachable handle is multi-purpose. Meaning, you have a go-anywhere mountable cam.

Integrated magnet

magnetic attachement of pocket 2s

Simply connect the video camera to a helmet. Or maybe a car roof? In fact, type of magnetic surface. That way you accomplish the most effective filming angle. Also, controlled from the handle in your hand. Unlike GoPro, you do not need to lug many devices. The integrated magnet makes it convenient to mount it on a Helmet.

what pocket provides

Imagine when you travel on a ferry, no demand to stress over the 3M paste! You can mount the camera anywhere on the watercraft. You can achieve whatever angle or perspective you want with Pocket 2. Readjust the setups from the screen on the detachable handle, in the palm of your hand!

Feiyu Pocket 2S’s unique wearable style supplies 3 tracking settings.

Sett according to the scene to achieve optimum efficiency. “Fast follow” mode if you want to enhance the monitoring speed. and “Riding” mode if you intend to slow down.

fast follow, mount, riding

The Breakpoint-Resume feature permits you to stop shooting briefly. After that, return to the shooting at the breakpoint.

pocket 2s filming

Simply start shooting and pause it when you need to, but also restart. This provides you with the ultimate control. Plus, you’ll save time modifying.

FeiyuTech recommends you a Motorized Slider

This will certainly be the best match for Pocket 2. The Motorized Slider sustains both manual and Application remote control. It’s suitable with the camera & smartphone. With ease utilize it to take a vertical or a tilt shot. While the time-lapse mode enables you to comprehend the precious moments.

motorized slider

No more blurred faces in the action shots. The Pocket 2 has face monitoring. Meaning, it will move as you and your buddies relocate. But, keeping everybody in the shot and also sharp.

The object Tracking feature is great for moving objects. Just pick it in the App and you are ready to track! Recording your sports activities has never been so easy!

Pocket 2/2S Integrates the clarity of 4-layer Glass & 3-layer Resin Lens

That way supplies unrivaled colors, details, and also clarity.

girl in living room, face capture

Select between Super Wide/Wide/Narrow Angle to obtain the original or Distortion Corrected shots.

wide, super wide, narrow

Also, keep you or the object that you are following in the image with the 130° Super Wide Angle Lens.

130 wide angle

Shake and jitter are gone with the one-of-a-kind 3-Axis Stabilization System. You’ll see the distinction in the smooth movement, but also sharply concentrated details on video.

Powered by the industry-leading 1.55 μm 1/2.3″ SONY IMX577 Image Sensor/ 1.62 μm IMX317 Image Sensor & ARM Cortex-A7 Processor, Pocket 2/2S makes shots look amazing!

WDR improves photo quality, brings back details, and increases the layer of colors. That’s why your video is more vivid! The HDR setting is most valuable for scenes that are filmed in darkness or in extra bright areas.

Pocket "s design

The greater frame rate video can capture a wide variety of activities. It is particularly designed to capture fast-moving things.

Move Up, Down, Left, or Right

Simply manage the Pocket 2S. You’ll see the feedback time is very quick. Also, you won’t feel any type of delay. This small screen with its properly designed icons fits the display size. Meaning you can choose the setup conveniently, with your finger.

small screen sliding pocket 2s

The operating system was developed to be very easy and practical. Simply power on, after that begin capturing!

The 180 ° panorama of the Pocket 2S gives you great possibilities of recording. Also never miss someone in a group selfie with the 3×3 scenic view. You have complete control. All you have to do is to pick the setting and CLICK!

Powered by ARM Cortex-A7 image processor, Pocket 2S search for much less power during video shooting. The battery life has been extended to a new level!

different usage od pocket 2s

For sea adventure, the Pocket 2S has a water-resistant case. It can be immersed up to 131 feet/ 40m. It’s the ideal deep-diver.

Say goodbye to selfie stick-iness!

Conveniently, all the buttons you require to change the shot are at arm’s size. Along with the electronic camera! As we are all used to, you need to interrupt your capturing to draw the cam close. Well, not with the Pocket 2.

detachable stand of pocket 2s

With the world-first removable handle of the Pocket 2S, you’re holding the controls. In the meantime, the electronic camera is detached and at the best capturing angle. Plus, you can preview the shot from the display on the handle!


Pocket2S comes with a Wi-fi built-in. You can attach it directly with your phone.

charging Pocket 2s

Fast up to date USB Type-C port offers you reliability and charge in a short period of time.


At Feiyu they believe that capturing the moments with your loved ones is essential. Motion and emotion are what counts.

With modern, and beautiful products, they are a refreshment for the market.


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