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PODMKR | Grind your own Coffee Pods

PODMKR - Grind your own Coffee Pods

Create delicious coffee pods with a single push of a button & say goodbye to single-use pods forever

When I first got my Nespresso machine, I immediately thought about how much waste these pods produce. Not needing to say the expense of them. Almost the same price as when you go to the coffee shop. So I heard that people are trying to refill the pods themselves and other similar ways to avoid buying new ones constantly. PODMKR will change this forever! One other thing that I love is that they are compatible with other coffee machines such as Keurig… So, don’t miss out on this while it’s still live on IG!

PODMKR Grind your own Coffee Pods

INTRODUCING PODMKR Goodbye plastic, hello environmental-friendly coffee pods! Never use single-use capsules again 

PODMKR sits elegantly in on your kitchen counter and offers you freshly grounded coffee in a reusable stainless-steel pod with a single press of a button. 

PODMKR Grind your own Coffee Pods


Pour, press, and go! PODMKR pairs with your coffee machine to deliciously deliver freshly-grounded coffee in stainless steel, reusable coffee pod. 

  • Step 1 – Pour your favorite coffee beans into PODMKR 
  • Step 2 – Insert the stainless steel reusable coffee pod. Select your grind setting, and then push to grind! These buttons are programmable for future use. 
  • Step 3 – Remove your coffee pod and seal it with the lid 
  • Step 4 – Brew & go! Insert your pod into your coffee maker. Enjoy freshly-brewed coffee you can enjoy at home or on-the-go 


PODMKR Grind your own Coffee Pods

Your podmkr comes with your choice of 3 reusable stainless steel pods for your Keurig Keurig® Supreme Plus, Nespresso Nespresso Vertuo (with barcode), or Dolce Gusto® .

You will save money every month. Thanks to PODMKRs reusable stainless steel pods, you can save $200 per year if you just drink one cup a day, without sacrificing the taste of an incredibly delicious cup of home-brewed coffee. 


PODMKR Grind your own Coffee Pods

Deliciously improved coffee at the touch of your fingertips. PODMKR allows you to discover the incredible taste of freshly-grounded coffee at your convenience. 

PODMKR Grind your own Coffee Pods

Durable Conical Burr This stainless steel conical burr allows for precise grinding. You can choose from over 30 grind settings to brew your coffee to your liking. From super fine to coarse and everything in between 


PODMKR Grind your own Coffee Pods

The amount of single-use plastic, such as coffee pods, is unacceptable. Did you know that 29,000 single-use coffee pods end up in landfills every minute? We can put an end to this unnecessary waste. 

PODMKR pods are compatible with Nespresso®, Nespresso Vertuoo, and Keurig machines. They will solve the waste production problems that arise with disposable pods.  

PODMKR Grind your own Coffee Pods


PODMKR is suitable for anyone and sits elegantly next to your capsule coffee machine. It is both easy to use and easy to clean. 

With PODMKR, you’ll never need to buy single-use pods again. 

PODMKR Grind your own Coffee Pods

Dishwasher Safe Easy cleaning at your convenience. Just toss the pod into the dishwasher and go. 

EXPLORE NEW FLAVORS Use your favorite coffee and experiment with new flavors Imagine you are no longer bound to the limited variety of flavors that are available for your capsule machine. Experiment with new aromas, blends, and different grind levels to create your perfect cup of coffee. 

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