POP 2 | Revopoint’s 0.1 mm Precise 3D Scanner


Ladies & Gentleman,

presenting You POP 2, the upgraded version of POP 3D Scanner!

Whit higher precision, smoother operation, better color effect…This is the best you can get on the market!  Capture the 3D model for 3D printing, 3D design, VR/AR 3D modeling, reverse engineering and measurement, and so on.

POP 2 – Scanner for everybody

Usually, high-precision 3D scanners are expensive and also are designed for very specific users.

different 3d scans

By that, these gadgets are unaffordable and also improper for the customer market. This is what POP 2’s technology brings: while it offers professional-grade high accuracy, this 3D scanner is presented with a consumer-grade price. It’s a distinctive 3D scanner offered at this cost range! Yes, I think I got your attention right now!

Binocular and Micro-structured light

The core equipment of POP 2 embraces the principle of binocular and also Micro-structured light. With the help of the exclusive mini projecting, POP 2 makes sure that the fast obtained 3D factor cloud data has high accuracy.

compatibility of POP 2

Also, the highest single-frame precision can reach 0.1 mm. POP 2 supports a high-precision scanning setting and also texture scanning setting. In that way gives vivid 3D models for color 3D printing. With the intelligent algorithms, POP 2’s built-in high-performance 3D computation chip can effectively ensure the rate. By that the efficiency of 3D scanning. Even if you are using standard equipment, it can still scan smoothly and without delay.

What’s new with POP 2?

What is new on POP 2

POP 2 is geared up with an updated projector and also IR cameras with higher resolution. A boosted high-precision calibration approach guarantees that POP 2 fulfills professional-grade precision. Up to 0.1 mm as well as a 3D point cloud data of 0.15 mm! This permits POP 2 to capture 3D models with even more information and also ensures much better dimensional accuracy.

What does the upgrade of POP 2 enables U?

scanning the statue

First of all – the scanning frame rate to get to 10 frames. At the same time, it is geared up with an embedded 6 Dof Gyroscope! With them provides a faster and more accurate spatial position. Next, decrease stitching mistakes, boost the level of smoothness of scanning, finally, make the scanning procedure less complex and quicker. Basically, it improves its operational flow as well as shape. As well as it does to the marker point, and color feature point cloud stitching.

Vivid 3D models

scannng the vase

Through the high-resolution sensor for exposure and synchronization with the depth video camera by hardware triggering, POP 2 can create vivid 3D models! Either for 3D computer animation, shade 3D printing, or other. That can also be utilized in AR and VR!

Easy to carry around

It’s time to say goodbye to separate handheld and turntable scanning tools. POP2 is designed to function as a portable and also turntable scanner. Amazing precision, as well as ease-of-use, are its main advantages. Weighing only 195g, POP 2 is extremely portable. You can take it any place you want. In short, this is the only 3D scanner you’ll ever require!

dog scannig with pop 2

Cords and cables? No, thanks!

Traditional 3D scanners are hefty, cumbersome, power-demanding… Not to forget cables that irritate us all. In other words, they are not useful. Or maybe giving a poor user experience? POP2 is small, very portable, and very easy to use. You do not require to have any type of special skills to harness its possibility. There’s no demand for an AC power supply. POP2 just has one cord to charge the scanner! Also, it can be straight attached to a smart device, tablet computer… Ready for your usage – 3D scanning. Simplifying the user experience is also an innovation.

head scanning

USB & Power bank charge

One USB cord is enough to power the scanner, as well as can be linked to a laptop or phone. While streamlined 3D scanning, it also simplifies the user experience. POP 2 is a reliable device with power-saving technology. Brings along the 5000 mA Power Bank, so you can conveniently scan for a very long time.

whats in the box of POP 2

If you’re a tech freak, Revopoint’s latest 3D scanner is most definitely for you! Nevertheless, if you’re an active 3D printing developer, a VR/AR designer, this multi-functional 3D scanner will certainly make a lot of difference in your developments.

About the team


Revopoint is a leading 3D scanner developer. Based in Shenzhen, they are a group of passionate scientists, engineers… They have been working in the 3D imaging field for more than a decade. Revopoint focuses on cutting-edge 3D technology. Their core technological group leverages years of experience in 3D imaging and also AI. By now they have established different gadgets in the field, from chips to complete machines. Mainly concentrating on 3D video cameras as well as 3D scanner products. Revopoint has a 100% Patented Chip & Hardware Design; they also have powerful software. Most important – algorithms to settle equipment gadgets and 3D technology.


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