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Pop Phone Stand | MagSafe® compatible

Pop phone stand

A fairly manufactured design masterpiece. Boost your productivity and let your iPhone float in the perfect position while charging.

The Pop phone stand has just what it takes to look and work great: A Panton-inspired appearance, perfect dimensions, and a well-balanced design.

Pop phone stand

Pop is a productivity booster and a perfect companion for any scenario at home! Working and charging at the same time – without compromise.

On your desk, in a zoom call, or simply in the comfort of your favorite spot at home – Pop supports you with perfect viewing position and awesome handling.

Pop phone stand

Pop phone stand is designed to amaze – Its unique design ensures perfect ease of use.

With its minimal footprint and substantial weight for a solid stand. Invisible: the built-in heat dissipation system and fair manufacturing! Just insert your charger and you are ready to go.

  • iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini
  • iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • future iPhone generations
Pop phone stand

In short, the next-generation iPhone is launching in September. Exactly when you’ll already have Pop at home. And since the MagSafe system has just been released, it is almost unthinkable that the coming generation will see a change here.

Pop is fairly manufactured – made by them for you locally. It will be manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities with certified environmental management systems. Without round-the-world container ship rides and under fair social conditions.

Fatigue-free typing – It’s all about the right angle and elevation.

Pop phone stand

Pop is a heavyweight champion. With a weight of over 300 grams, it offers a reliable stand – whether horizontally or vertically. The soft coated bottom protects against slipping and damages.

MagSafe is a magnetic connection system that natively attaches the iPhone 12 (and future versions) to chargers and accessories. Moreover, the MagSafe charger provides fast wireless charging while magnetically holding the smartphone in a defined position. This system was released by Apple in October 2020.

Pop phone stand

Additionally, Pop comes in a nicely matched white, orange & dark grey. Choose your favorite color for each Pop stand separately in the survey right after the end of this campaign.

Save and support them together with friends with a pack of three or four Pop stands.

The Pop phone stand is designed to be used together with a MagSafe charger – charging unit not included. Height & diameter: 95mm x 63mm. Anti-slip & non-scratch coated base, Available colors: white, orange & dark grey. Approx. weight: 320 grams. You can remove the charging unit. To sum up, it’s possible to use Pop with all iPhone 12 smartphones & future iPhone generations.

Pop phone stand

Pop provides optimal heat dissipation.

The hassle of charging is history. You’ll find that the average power level of your battery will increase significantly with the Pop phone stand. Why? Just because it’s a pleasure to use.

Pop phone stand

The Pop phone stand shown in this campaign has the same characteristics as the rewards they will deliver to you. It has been carefully checked in extensive application tests with the charging unit before this campaign. They are doing the entire development of the Pop stand in-house.

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