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PopuPiano | Smart Portable Piano

Go fast forward to music mastery with PopuPiano!

It’s the all-in-one keyboard that will certainly glow-up your abilities. Also your music studio for every note you play.
PopuPiano packs tune, chords, and also rhythm right into a smart LED Keyboard. An effective Chord Pad takes you from amateur gamer to pro trackmaker! By using a completely new strategy for learning. Bring your musical journey to a new level with PopuPiano.

Popupiano features

A Chord Pad allows you to play 100+ chords. With that, also an instrument – in a tap. A smart LED keyboard makes learning chords and playing songs a kid’s game.

LED light keys brighten as interactive fingering instruction. That way gets you on the fast lane of learning the keyboard.

girl playing Popupiano

PopuPiano trades schoolbooks and stiff routines. Delivering a fresh strategy, with video game design lessons. Tapp through levels and lighten up your skills every single time you play!
Exercise with a large collection of mainstream hits. There are also tutorials, finger overviews… With straightforward instructions for newbies, you get also an advanced lesson for pros. In Master Tips, you’ll even discover tutorials on how to compose. It’s all imagined to keep you having a good time.

Build your score in piano skills.

different modes

Learning the keyboard doesn’t need to be dull. As the notes fly down your screen, hit the best keys before they go away. 
Do you have that one special song in your playlist? You know, the one that has a special meaning to you? The Chord Pad enables you to play that specific one, with just one tap. You will certainly be able to play the song of your dreams. In addition, you can start your own live show.

mom and girl playing popupiano
popupiano style

Combine singing and playing to construct studio high-quality tracks. And after that share them anywhere with a click.
Music doesn’t have to be science anymore. Imagine it as simply the combination of layers of sounds. Play a piano, riff a bass guitar… Drop in a kick drum, all from one keyboard. FreePlay on the PopuMusic application puts a whole studio at your fingertips. Scales, chords, as well as a whole collection of instruments, are under your control.

The Chord Pad makes it easy for all the chords you need – into one pad. As well as the Keyboard is loaded with 100+ instruments.

LED system popupiano

This means you can program it to play the sounds that go along with your specific style.
Developing and also composing your very own songs feels easy and also fluid on PopuPiano. It pairs perfectly with programs like Logic and   Garageband. You have enough space to construct as you expand from amateur to pro.
Add the PopuPiano to your studio. Or maybe construct a brand-new studio around it? Make tracks that sound like magic with a lot less equipment.

On PopMusic App you will find everything you need.

popupiano app

No subscription charge for the tutorials. As well as games in the app, including all the web content. Also, it’s complimentary to download and install both on IOS and Android.
The stylish and straightforward design gives the Piano a Classical outlook. You can take PopuPiano anywhere you go. It’small in size and light in weight.

techical data popupiano

Concerned regarding the octaves?

Just enhance or reduce the octave by pressing the switch. You can obtain a 7-octave scale. The plexiglass acrylic keys are also smoother than conventional ones. 
Slide your PopuPiano keyboard and Chord Pad into the acrylic carrying case. Maintain your songs machine looking always like new.

Add extra keyboards to your PopuPiano. Play wider!

It includes a one-of-a-kind magnetic design. It lets you double the keyboard and also your imagination. 
The PopuPiano can be found in two bold as well as traditional colors. Radiant black as well as the gleaming white, both established the best background for PopuPiano’s LED keys. Making it bright for any type of area.

Popumusic logo

 They think that life will certainly be much more awesome with some music. And definitely more outstanding if the music can be made by any person.
They want you to find pure pleasure in it. Feel sensation as well as true comfort from music on PopuPiano. But also from all their outstanding products, just like they do!

whole set of instruments

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