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Popur | a Quantum Leap in Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Look at this, it’s the first two-box littering robot with an expanding ecosystem – Popur!

Made for litter cleaning, waste management, health monitoring, behavior monitoring… Popur is the new standard in litter disposal technology! It’s a refreshing experience, both for you and your cat.

Popur nd cats

Remember, maintaining cat waste inside the clutter device is the culprit. There has to be a channel for the waste to transfer from the cluttered area to the storage compartment.

Firstly, it’s impossible to keep that interior sanitary. And it’s not so easy to clean.

Second of all, the waste area inhabits a substantial space. Also placing it inside directly makes the machine bulky. At the same time restricts the dimension of the litter area.

Popur steper, fence, op entry wall

What’s more important, you are liberated from day-to-day scooping. This means you don’t need to toss the bag daily! Additionally, the exhausts utilize the same channel to communicate with the clutter device. In time, it corrupts its sensors, and electrical as well as metal parts. This may result from occasional to complete breakdown of the system.

Popur basic and pro

And also with such an open communication channel, it’s natural that the entire cat potty ultimately stinks.

Popur, including an initially invented two-box layout, places an end to your search.

Trust me, it’s the best litter box. Combining 2 boxes suggests that Popur is split with purpose. The container storing pee-poo and also a tray containing the litter.

Popur features

Popur’s cleansing performance is without competition. Popur makes sure all leftovers consisting of scraps are discarded. The unique DuoTilt ™ cleantech integrates an initial tilt of the tray to sort trash. As well as a subsequent tilt of the filter to dump waste. This modern technology keeps it clean 24/7. Avoid loss of clutter no matter its size and quantity. Manages even loose stool!

  Probably the most significant challenge for self-cleaning boxes is cats peeing aside. Although it still occurs, Popur is outfitted with four distinctive features. They protect against it and remove sticky clumps.


Even kittens are permitted to use Popur. Thanks to its exceptional responsiveness to any type of motion.  This provides SuperSense ™ – formula porting on a sophisticated millimeter-wave radar. It can detect actions as delicate as pulses and heartbeats.

Popur dimensions

Popur is safe for your cats.

Under no circumstance, your pet won’t be in danger. Its design gives you security, 100%. It completely removes the dangers of your cats getting harmed so you can ultimately enjoy comfort.

Selectiong of the litterbox is always in debate. Probably, you are always asking yourself have you made the right choice for your pet. Some cats may favor doing their business out in the open. Others might require personal privacy. Popur presents all kinds of options. 

Popur introduces the category-redefining dual box form aspect. By dividing the container, it is the most reliable, safe, and hygienic space.

Popur app

With the Pro bin, Popur removes essentially all odors. Finally, you have a solution for the odor problem. The Pro version actually seals the trash bag tightly when it’s closed. Waste doesn’t come to contact with the bin cover at any time. Also, stops odor from dripping or penetrating the plastics with time.

The quantity of waste created by a single cat can sit in the box for as long as 3 weeks. Such extraordinary storage capacity is indebted to its 10-liter quantity.

The cleanability of an automatic can should never be underrated. Besides, it serves as a toilet and needs a full clean frequently.

For Popur, a quarterly clean-out typically suffices. If you require, you can conveniently remove both the filter and the liner for hand-washing or replacement. Simple, as their design is. Other areas also are visible and reachable for wiping. There is no bothersome tinkering or carry-around any longer.

Made with premium materials, it’s fully antimicrobial.

That way improves its ability to withstand mold or other types of air pollution. Add ons include:

Popur whats in the box
  • trash bags
  • cat scratcher,
  • fence,
  • top-entry wall,
  • additional liner,
  • and additional filter

Popur was founded in difficult times, during which supply chain management is rather challenging everywhere in the world. To navigate from ideation to mass production, we have formed an equity partnership with our dedicated manufacturer, where both teams hold 15% shares of each other’s company. Such a special arrangement has enabled us to successfully overcome countless issues that occurred during the process, and aligned our interests in making a quality product that will live up to your expectations. 

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