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POZZZ Smart Pouch | Empowers screen-free living

Discover this smart pouch, a true alternative to parental control to deal with phone addiction

Introducing POZZZ Smart Pouch, a very useful trick to restore your family time and reclaim your rest!

POZZZ Smart Pouch

You know most of today’s teens are more or less addicted to their phones. Parental control isn’t enough. Programs designed to protect kids from inappropriate content do little to shield them from addiction. Confiscation creates conflict. Seizing a teen’s phone eliminates an opportunity to teach mature screen time management.

POZZZ Smart Pouch

POZZZ is a smart pouch that rewards screen-free time via a zipper-activated points system.

  • Smart detection; Detects smartphone presence and zipper closed.
  • One Pouch Fits All; Works with almost any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone.
  • Motivation; Motivates teens with goals and rewards.

POZZZ empowers teens to develop healthy screen habits and time management.

POZZZ Smart Pouch

POZZZ works in 4 simple steps;

  1. You set goals with your child
  2. He places his phone into POZZZ
  3. Earns points while enjoying screen-free time
  4. Reward for completing a challenge

Additionally, POZZZ strengthens stamina for screen-free time.

POZZZ Smart Pouch

A screenless night;

  • Define sleeping hours
  • Your teen receives a notification when it’s time to put his phone into POZZZ
  • Your teen enjoys a night of restful sleep – if he opens POZZZ for instance, parents will be notified and points are lost.
  • Recharge while taking charge

POZZZ is the logical companion for a child’s first phone. It permits new privileges while establishing healthy habits.

The power of POZZZ is unleashed by the power of example. One POZZZ per family member enables collaboration, competition, and connection. Kids compete with their parents or each other for the top trophy.

POZZZ Smart Pouch

POZZZ isn’t just for kids. Their beat testing showed that POZZZ helped restore the connection between couples at home or outside on a date for example.

  • App is compatible with most smartphones (Bluetooth 4.0 or higher), iOS, or Android.
  • Phone charges during POZZZ.
  • Bluetooth compatible
  • 1-year battery CR 2032-coin cell battery
POZZZ Smart Pouch

POZZZ is the invention of Genius Objects, developer of the Smart Zipper. Following 5 years of development and 8 patents, the technology is currently being integrated into a range of products from major brands.

Their smart textile zipper is patented worldwide.

Expect to have stronger relationships, less wasted time, less addiction to your phone, more sleep, more autonomy and develop healthy habits.

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