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Prepd Chef Skillet

Prepd Chef Skillet

Lighter, smoother, naturally non-stick cast iron skillet – the ultimate everyday pan

Presenting Prepd Chef Skillet – a lighter, smoother, and extra agile cast-iron.

By reducing the layout to its simplest, most minimalistic design, Prepd Chef Skillet is more than 30% lighter than typical cast-iron without endangering its unbeatable searing power. With it, you can sear, cook, fry, and even sauté – it’s the supreme everyday pan!

Through precision machining, they entirely change the commonly rough cooking surface into one that’s flawlessly smooth.

Prepd Chef Skillet

After polishing, they season the skillet with 4x layers of grapeseed oil, baking each layer at a high temperature for over an hour. The extra hrs of polishing and seasoning cause an extremely smooth, naturally non-stick finish – without any of the artificial chemicals, so you can prepare at high heat without any worries.

Due to its lighter weight, Chef Skillet is remarkably dexterous and very easy to use. And incorporated with its contoured shape you can conveniently move ingredients around the pan and sauté like a pro.

At the same time maintaining the essential benefit of cast-iron – its unbeatable searing power. Chef Skillet will certainly become your best frying pan for everything from frying eggs to baking your favorite treat.

Prepd Chef Skillet works with any style of cooktop, from gas to induction – also the grill … or the oven!

Prepd Chef Skillet

Unlike various other sorts of frying pans, cast-iron cooks food evenly – not just the surface. Cast-iron has far superior warm retention and the best thermal mass, so it can transmit warmth much past the surface area of the frying pan. This causes unsurpassable sears, succulent roasts, and perfect gold bakes that no other frying pan can provide.

Prepd Chef Skillet can do the work of a roasting pan, a stainless-steel skillet, as well as a non-stick, done in one!

They’re making the Chef Skillet in both 8″ and 10″ options. The 8″ dimension is suitable for making individual meals. Perfect for your weekend shakshuka breakfast or treating on your own with a skillet cookie!

Their skillets are made with care, attention to detail, and the finest quality. Prepd Chef Skillet is a financial investment that will last several generations, and better yet, it will just get better with age. Every use adds to the layers of seasoning, so your skillet will become even more non-stick the longer you’re using it.

Prepd Chef Skillet

They’ve additionally designed a collection of matching accessories to aid you to get the most out of your Prepd Chef Skillet – from food preparation to cleaning, to serving. So, you’ll be Prepd for any kind of situation!

These add-ons include a natural leather handle cover, a table trivet, a chain mail scrubber, a slotted turner, and covers to fit both sizes of the skillet. They will be available to add to your order after the campaign ends.

With Chef Skillet, they laid out to produce the ultimate everyday frying pan, by reducing the size to its minimum form. By doing this, they were able to reduce its weight by greater than 30% compared to a typical cast-iron, while preserving its thicker base as well as irresistible searing power.

Prepd Chef Skillet

They have additionally created their machining procedure to create a smoother food preparation surface that is also exceptionally reliable at holding its seasoning. They accomplished this by sandblasting the skillets throughout and polishing the inside of each skillet.

After polishing, they applied an extra round of bead blasting, which includes a great texture to the food preparation surface to prepare it for seasoning. This will not only assist the skillet to hold its seasoning throughout manufacturing but additionally over years of use.

They have also tested several techniques to ideal their pre-seasoning strategies. When creating the Prepd Chef Skillet they layer each frying pan with 3-layers of grapeseed oil. After using each layer of oil, they baked the pan for one hour at 450 degrees F to polymerize the oil. After this comprehensive flavoring process is complete they additionally finished an additional phase of heat treatment to prepare each pan for its very first use.

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