PressDrain Stop the Clog with Hair Cutter for Bathtub Drain

PressDrain | Stop the Clog! Hair Cutter for Bathtub Drain

A bathtub drain that will cut hair and you don’t need to touch the hair to clean it and stop the clog.

PressDrain is a top-quality tub filter developed to shred hair right into pieces. Just press it, and fret no more!

A clogged drain will most likely remind you of nasty hair, flooding, bacterial, chemical solutions, calling and waiting for the plumber, and all the annoying stuff.

PressDrain | Stop the Clog! Hair Cutter for Bathtub Drain

PressDrain can quickly capture hair and shred it in an effective method – to prevent the clog.

The quadrat blade design enables PressDrain to cut hair every time – shred to pieces while keeping the fluidness of water. As water can always stream easily, it helps shredded hair to purge to the drainpipe.

PressDrain | Stop the Clog! Hair Cutter for Bathtub Drain

Latex sheet, plastic string, and fishing line are no products that can be cut easily. Including the hair, PressDrain can cut them all!

Numerous nights spent in the workplace have actually acquired them a number of various designs. After plenty of testing, screening, and re-designing, they finally developed the version they are happy with. Although they are only making use of one of the styles, they have all their structure designs patented and safeguarded.

PressDrain | Stop the Clog! Hair Cutter for Bathtub Drain

The special hollow style of the base ensures water will effortlessly flow through PressDrain, likewise, circulation of water will certainly bring all the hair with it, either undergo the PressDrain or to be cut to pieces.

While utilizing an additional item like a bathtub hair catcher, you will possibly require an additional drainpipe stopper. PressDrain can be used as a stopper as well. Thick rubber inserted on the cap and the base, to create a full seal. So you won’t need to manually switch over in between hair catcher and stopper.

PressDrain | Stop the Clog! Hair Cutter for Bathtub Drain

To evaluate the intensity of PressDrain, they used a latex sheet.

Latex provides mild resistance and is really appropriate for testing the sharpness of the blades.

The latex sheet is hard to cut with regular scissors, but with PressDrain, specially created blades, and force applied on the top with your body weight, the latex sheet can be easily cut apart, and so does hair.

While a conventional hair catcher will certainly catch hair, you still need to do the grunt work of eliminating it.

PressDrain | Stop the Clog! Hair Cutter for Bathtub Drain

Physically and mentally, you don’t really want to touch the hair. Slimed, moldy hair that may be filled with germs and bacteria.

  • Unanticipated flooding, good shower mood is constantly wrecked by the flood.
  • Mold will accumulate in the bathtub, and you will never ever know how filthy it is.
  • PressDrain allows you to avoid the clog, without touching the slimy hair!

Merely push the cap, the interior blade will cut hair into pieces, and water will flow as it should, protecting against blockage from occurring!

PressDrain | Stop the Clog! Hair Cutter for Bathtub Drain

From stainless steel to rubber seal base, every part of PressDrain is made with the idea to last longer.

Specifically developed blade structure wedges in a cross form, making sure long-term cutting performance.

Unique heat treatment makes sure the blades will last for several years. No sharping or maintenance needed. No need to acquire a new drainpipe stopper/hair catcher every other year!

PressDrain | Stop the Clog! Hair Cutter for Bathtub Drain

It is the globe’s very first hair shredder for tub drain that works with any kind of standard tub. They will tailor it for you. Whatever form the tub is, no matter what the dimension of the flooring drainpipe is.

While PressDrain being able to cut hair, they paid attention that PressDrain can be completely safe for the kids. Furthermore, they added a childproof design on the base, so the upper part of the drain will not come apart easily.

PressDrain | Stop the Clog! Hair Cutter for Bathtub Drain

Last but not least, you can always push and twist to close the drain and leave kids 0 chance of hurting themselves, implying your finger will have no contact with the cutting edge.

Tested on long hair, short hair, straight and curly hair, and also hair from your pet.

PressDrain additionally captures jewelry, so you do not need to worry about jewelry coming into the drain.

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