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PUNCUBE | An Interactive System to Carry Everyday Essentials


A versatile magnetic keyholder that attaches to your phone, wallet, cardholder & ID badge holder to keep small items neat & organized.

Made by and for EDCers, PUNCUBE is a magnetic modular organizing system that features a keyholder, a wallet, a cardholder, and an ID badge holder, which can be used separately or in combination to make your carry fit your needs and meet your standards. In addition, they are stratified into different use cases, so you will always be prepared without carrying all the stuff, but the right stuff. No more scrambling to find the right tool. It gives you a sense of readiness and control of your life.

Perform the same task just as readily with PUNCUBE

The various accessories of the PUNCUBE system let you take back control and power by having the right tools you need when you need them. Its marvelous magnetic system simply declutters the odds and ends and out-of-door essentials in your pockets.

This tiny box arranges your keys in an orderly fashion, so the correct key is always discernible at a simple glance and accessible at an easy slide. It fits keys almost in all shapes and sizes. So, say goodbye to keys jingling or cluttering up in your pocket.


With the free magnetic sticker, PUNCUBE can be used beyond the iPhone 12 series.

The slim keyholder firmly locks your keys in place and eliminates any chance of losing. It’s ideal for taking and getting just what you need when you need it

You will love PUNCUBE if you’ve ever suffered from painful scratches on your smartphone screen or jabs in the leg by rattling keys. PUNCUBE offers safety and security for you, your keys, and your phone.


A tight yet elastic silicone band can bind up to 3 cards on top of the PUNCUBE keyholder. It is replaceable in different colors to fit your style and quality. All your essentials will be held securely and accessed conveniently in the palm of your hand.

The PUNCUBE key holder also serves as a phone kickstand. The lower part of the cover opens up to form a sturdy triangle structure to hold your phone at multiple angles for a more comfortable viewing position.


Smoothly slip into your pocket even when you are wearing skinny jeans

Combine the PUNCUBE Key & Card Holder to get additional storage for cards along with other small items in the sleekest and slim way. The two of them magnetically snap on each other. Together, they can hold 5 cards, 3 keys, and several bills, enough to get you through daily errands.

A quick scan with RFID blocking technology can avoid digital theft.


They designed the PUNCUBE ID Card Holder with the working class at heart. When used with the keyholder, it allows you to smoothly scan your ID, access business cards, or swipe credit cards according to your needs. They have space for 3 keys, 1 ID card, and 4 more cards.

Meet PUNCUBE Key Holder & Wallet.

The combo tightly perches the keyholder inside the wallet. You can effortlessly take 5 to 8 cards, some bills, and coins without adding any bulk. Be organized and look professional at the same time.


The PUNCUBE keyholder is made from premium PC material that is tough, durable, impact- and scratch-resistant. The PUNCUBE cardholder and wallet are made with PU leather which is eco-friendly, lightweight, and waterproof with a soft touch. They epitomize superb craftsmanship that there is no need to worry about fraying around the edges or the seams.

Think about the daily moments we have: leaving home in a hurry in the morning, the speedy metro, the tight access control in the company, the busy daytime meetings and interspersed working meals, the relaxing jogging at night, and the routine purchases on weekends.


At all the above moments, PUNCUBE believes that there is one solution to declutter our essentials without too much load. So, the “Puncube” Magnetic System was created, providing a variety of combinations and integrating smartphones, keys, wallets, and ID access into one. One PUNCUBE is enough to deal with the trivial stuff during routine life.

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