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PURA MAX – PETKIT | The Self-cleaning Litter Box


Do You own the cat or does the cat own You?

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Having a furry friend is beautiful, especially a cat. They are very independent animals, and their lifestyle is pretty simple: eating, laying around, purring, and of course – there is poop! We all know that kitties like to make No2 in the sand, clean sand. Sometimes, with our hectic lifestyle, we forget to clean the toilets of our Majesties.

So ladies and gentlemen, today I present you the life savior: PURA MAX PETKIT!

The PURA MAX: self-cleaning cat litter box?

It’s not an ordinary litter box! It instantly gets rid of all wastes for your ease and is made for the modern, fast way of living. PURA MAX provides you to control the litter box anytime and anywhere. You just have to download the PETKIT app.

features of pura max

Save time by not needing to scoop, and put some money aside by not having to use a lot of litter. PURA MAX only eliminates the globs and preserves the clean litter.
It is compatible with all kinds of clumping pet litter such as clay litter, tofu litter, mixed clutter, and much more.

cat in pura max

PETKIT is a great assistant in households with cats. Everclean Flushable Pet Cat Litter, which consists of all-natural ingredients, globs quickly, and also is FDA authorized. Beware of using non-clumping litter as auto-cleaning. It does not perform well if the trash can not glob correctly.

When it comes to safety… PURA MAX!

PETKIT is on the top of the game.

simple design, xSecure system

PURA MAX provides several safety devices in addition to excellent smart sensors. The xSecure system gives your cat a safe potty experience and also makes your life less complicated.
The xSecure system consists of an infrared sensor, weight sensors, remote notifies, a mishap security system, as well as smart detections to make sure that you never need to stress over your cat. In addition, PURA MAX immediately stops when your pet cat is near the device or spots a weight change.

pura max safe for cats

The smart sensors give you the option to track your pet cat’s weight, times of use, duration, as well as litter amount. So you can keep track of your pet’s health and wellness.

Heavy smells are no more an issue in your home

PURA MAX has 3 alternative modes for cleaning: auto-cleaning mode, scheduled-cleaning setting, as well as manual-cleaning.

tracking cats health with pura max

You can schedule or automated cleansing mode via the application. PURA MAX automatically removes waste the moment your cat leaves the litter box. To turn on the manual-cleaning mode, all you need is to touch the “Clean” button using the PETKIT app. Or simply press the button to clean the box.

The integrated PURA AIR clever spray

air spray for odors

He contains a cleansing liquid that successfully eliminates the odor each time. PURA MAX gets rid of the recurring smell by instantly spraying and cleansing the pet box after each use. Thanks to the PURA AIR spray, a detachable smell removal tool, it keeps the air in your home fresh and clean. You can always go back to an odor-free home! You can additionally set the tool to scheduled or automated odor removal using the application and manually push the PURA MAX button to remove smells.

The waste is transported to a waste container

All in one place! It’s situated within PURA MAX for maximal simplicity. The sealed waste container protects against unwanted odors. Connect the PETKIT to an electrical outlet and gather your favorite cat trash, it’s as easy as that. It’s time for you to relax and enjoy more time with your furry pet. With the specially made TPE rubber, PURA MAX avoids soft stools from sticking to the box as well as maintains your cat’s toilette always clean.

buttons on pura max

Equipped with an OLED display, it is very easy to see as well as examine the status and data of your PURA MAX.

15 days without scooping

The extra-large waste container allows up to 15 days without scooping for one cat. Furthermore, PURA MAX uses a spacious interior with a capacity for cats larger than 3.5 lbs and older than 6 months. The modular design of PURA MAX enables very effortless cleaning as well as maintenance.

tipes of litter

Moreover, the detachable cylinder, TPE rubber, as well as filter are very easy to clean.
The user-friendly OLED screen and also switches on the box make it easy to run.
Equipped with a night light system, gives your cat better visibility! You can turn it off anytime and also anywhere. All that with a PETKIT application.

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