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purME | Air-Ultralight Wearable Air Purifier that Clean Itself

purME Air-Ultralight Wearable Air Purifier that Clean Itself

Constant Pressure Technology | Modular Protection Levels | UV-C Self-cleaning | Fully Sealed Design | 80g weight | Quiet & Comfortable

Breathe safely and easily with this wearable air purifier, purME Air! Including twin generators with 3 power degrees and completely sealed silicone, it is suitable for you to put on even during an intense workout. 3 protection degrees from FFP1 to P100, filter every little thing from air pollutants, plant pollen, tobacco, wildfire smoke, or dirt. UV-C light is set up for everyday self-cleaning. purME Air fits perfectly with its 80g light-weight and silent turbines.

purME Air-Ultralight Wearable Air Purifier that Clean Itself

Following the success of the Initial purME mask, they are introducing the second product of purME! Keeping the superb protection and comfort, purME Air has a pair of exclusive electric turbines to attract filtered air both in and out of your mask regularly. You won’t feel restricted to breath in a mask once again as inhaling and exhaling. To minimize the requirement for cleansing, a UV-C cleaning unit is integrated inside the mask, so that you can freshen up prior to and after every time you wear it.

purME Air keeps the exact same N95-level security for your daily use and the capability to upgrade for P100 level added security through the adapter. Furthermore, they will provide a new FFP1 level filter for indoor as well as commuter usages. This filter provides somewhat much less filtration against air pollution than the KN95, yet still stops microbes and irritants from getting in. It however enables much better air movement and will certainly remain comfortable throughout extreme cardio workouts!

purME Air-Ultralight Wearable Air Purifier that Clean Itself

Patent-pending Constant Pressure innovation

A pair of identical, silent mini turbines draw the precise quantity of air in and out of your mask, offering fresh air continuously.

The balance of airflow implies the atmospheric pressure inside the mask is constant as the air outside. Unfiltered air will not leak from over-pressuring.

Three levels supply enough air for the majority of intense workouts while being quiet enough for usage indoors or in crowded places.

With patent-pending technology, purME Air is the first powered mask that maintains indoor pressure constant. A lot of powered masks in the market only come with inhale turbine. During operation, it usually draws in more air than you breathe out as well as triggers leakage from over-pressure. But purME Air gears up a pair of identical turbines on both breathe in and exhale side, making sure the very same quantity of air attracted in & out to maintain the air pressure constant.

purME Air-Ultralight Wearable Air Purifier that Clean Itself

Continuous air pressure style is not just to avoid leaks, yet it brings you far better seal and comfort. With the identical turbines, breathing in and breathing out ended up being much easier too.

Upgraded from purME Original, purME Air can use modular protection in 3 levels, fundamental defense with FFP1 filters, greater defense with KN95 filters, and also maximum security with P100 filters through the adapter included.

You can switch over filters according to your own needs. Filters can be positioned on both sides to match guidelines by regional authorities.

purME Air-Ultralight Wearable Air Purifier that Clean Itself

purME HEPA (KN95) Filter

HEPA filters are recommended to be changed every 2 weeks of use. They have actually been evaluated by an independent lab to be safe for your security.

purME HEPA filters have actually been accredited by third-party SGS laboratory to FFP1 and KN95 standards, both for filtration and air movement.

The majority of elements of purME Air can be taken apart and cleaned individually like the Original. But also, for day-to-day cleansing, they suited a powerful UV-C LED inside that will clean up the surface area from within the mask. Turn it on for a few minutes before and after each wear to freshen up. A tilt sensor is mounted to guarantee the UV light will shut off instantly when it is turned, ensuring it will not reveal UV to your eyes or skin.

A security button is consisted of making sure the UV light will switch on only when you manually push the button. purME Air is always risk-free for you to put on.

purME Air-Ultralight Wearable Air Purifier that Clean Itself

UV light will be shut off when being flipped.

The edge of purME Air that contacts your face is constructed from LFGB food-grade silicone, which is devoid of natural vapor, heavy metals as well as unsafe residues. The firm yet flexible product guarantees an excellent seal to minimize air leaks, keeping good air in and bad air out. With a seamless ergonomic style, it will not leave marks on your face after hours of use and also can be put on with glasses without fogging up the lens.

The facepiece is splash-proof and ideal for any kind of weather. The shape will not be harmed by day-to-day usage and can last for years. It is additionally machine-washable in water over 80°C.

At just 80g of weight, purME Air is among the lightest powered twin-turbine masks. They maintain its noise under 50dB in a regular setting, which is barely audible even inside your home.

purME Air-Ultralight Wearable Air Purifier that Clean Itself

Developed with athletes in mind, they made use of over-head dynamic straps to guarantee you feel comfortable even when on the move. With high-grade & versatile materials, purME Air will certainly stay in place and protect you. It is cleanable and simple to set up.

purME Air is powered by a rechargeable battery. purME Air can be completely charged in 2 hrs as well as provide 6-8 hrs of protection. Any type of USB wire can be used to charge it.

Electronic Device – purME Air has been certified by SGS to Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations and is completely safe to wear.

The GB 2626-2019 KN95 (NIOSH N95 or EU FFP2 matching) examination validates that the filter has a 0.3 um particles purification effectiveness of over 95%. This implies the filter of purME Air will certainly keep out the majority of unsafe particles in the air. The circulation rate additionally surpasses 85L/min, providing breathability under normal usage.

purME Air-Ultralight Wearable Air Purifier that Clean Itself

Silicone Facepiece – the silicone part of purME Air that contacts your skin has been accredited by SGS to LFGB requirements, and also is made with food-grade silicone. The layout guarantees you feel comfy when you use it for hours.

purME Air can replace all your existing masks with its modular protection levels. Whenever you discover a need to put on a mask, purME Air can be used. purME Air meets most usual regulations by health and safety authorities.

purME Air takes it one step forward, incorporating the latest innovations such that it will certainly provide filtered air continually as you use it. This suggests when you are training for your following marathon in the street, or practicing yoga in the fitness club, purME Air will provide adequate fresh, clean air for your body. purME Air is perfect for energetic people who constantly demand extra oxygen.

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