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Purus Air V | Trusty Personal Air Quality Guardian

Purus Air V - Trusty Personal Air Quality Guardian

Cyclonic dust separating air purifier with molecular sieve modules. Filter-Free, Burden-less!

Their house air purifier may have done a wonderful task so far, however, it would be ridiculous having to lug the large appliance to your workplace, to the library, to your favorite coffee shop, or even leave it in your car. You need an ultimate purifier to keep your air clear in any situation! Purus Air V, mobile and effective, will constantly be there to make you breathe much better.

When Bio-Aerosol fragments get in the 12-channel cyclone system of Purus Air V, they are swirled around at an enormous rate and are after that sunken to the bottom of the dust container with gravitational forces.

Purus Air V - Trusty Personal Air Quality Guardian

In order to turn the straight activity of the air into a vortex movement, the shape and angle of the air inlets must be carefully calculated to avoid disturbance. Purus Air V will guide the air into the purifier along with the digressive instructions, forming the cyclone, and attain high efficiency of dirt collection.

The funnel-shaped tubes will certainly keep the accumulated dirt entrapped in the container below. Unlike conventional air cleansers trap dirt and particles on their filters, leaving problems for potential secondary toxins, Purus Air V assures just filtering system air can stream via the tubes for more sterilization.

Purus Air V - Trusty Personal Air Quality Guardian

As experts in aerodynamics, they miniaturized and replicated the modern technology behind conventional dirt collectors commonly made use of in flour mills, gravel fields, and various other high dust sectors, to effortlessly transform the air’s quality around you.

Purus Air V is the world’s very first portable air purifier with both UVA+UVC sterilization. With the specifically made light diffraction frameworks, the UV light spreads out evenly, properly disinfecting the filtering system air rising via the 12-channel cyclone cleansing system.

With Purus Air V, killing hazardous bacteria and germs is assured. Their ultraviolet light has a 254nm wavelength, falling within the range in which MicroDNA has peak sensitivity to UV light, enabling Purus Air V to safeguard and disinfect the air a lot more successfully.

Purus Air V - Trusty Personal Air Quality Guardian

The Molecular sieve filtration is one more attribute that starts the outstanding performance of Purus Air V. Unlike air fresheners or fragrances that mask smells, The Molecular filter traps poisonous smells in its crystalline structure, successfully absorbs, and eliminates undesirable smells.

UVA and UVC light not only trigger the nano-molecular filter component to catalyze but also break down natural toxins, and the radiation also assists the molecular filter module to achieve automated regeneration. Whenever Purus Air V is powered, the molecular sieve filtration will certainly continue to maintain its adsorption capacity. There’s no need to change filters, nano-molecular filter components, or any type of consumables. Super easy, convenient, and sustainable!

Purus Air V - Trusty Personal Air Quality Guardian

Purus Air V is powered by carefully calculated and complex modern technology, however, it’s exceptionally intuitive and easy to run! With the detachable dirt container and water cleanable components, Purus Air V saves you from all the extensive cleaning. It’s easy to clean, very easy to charge & simple to carry!

Cleansing Purus Air V can’t be easier, remove the magnet secured dust container, pour out the collected Bio-Aerosol fragments, and that’s it!

When needed for a deeper clean, Purus Air V is water washable, and secure with household detergents. Just rinse it under water extensively and let it air dry, put it back together and it’s good to go!

Purus Air V - Trusty Personal Air Quality Guardian

Purus Air V weighs just 320g. You can quickly power it with a power bank or a car charger when you are outside. Bring Purus Air V with you, and you will always have clean air anytime and anywhere!

Ideal For In-car Use

Fresh and clean air in your vehicle is absolutely a necessity. Contaminants have a tendency to build up in enclosed spaces, and the longer you drive, the worse your air quality becomes. Purus Air V can fit in the cup holder, freshening up your car easily.

With a similar size to a water bottle, Purus Air V is simple to travel with. Leave it in your cup holder, and it will diffuse purified and clean air right into your automobile. Made from military-grade polycarbonate polymer, it is also shock-resistant and road bumps won’t affect it.

Purus Air V - Trusty Personal Air Quality Guardian

Operating Purus Air V is very easy, there’s a basic touch-button managing 3 manual wind speeds. The wind expelled is gentle and the device operates silently without interrupting your day-to-day life and affecting your sleep.

Their specially made type C cable is specifically for Purus Air V. The sturdy 90-degree bend head cable will not obtain stuck or twisted as a result of prolonged squeezing or pulling. Purus Air V likewise consumes minimal electrical power. Checked outcomes reveal that with a 12,000 mAh power bank, it can offer as much as 30 hrs of fresh air, keeping it clean all day long. Please keep in mind that the PURUS Air V does not consist of an integrated battery and is not chargeable for mobile use, Air V should be connected to a source of power.

Purus Air V - Trusty Personal Air Quality Guardian

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