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Quad Ultra | Hand Grips

Do you often go to the gym?

Is weight lifting your ‘thing’?

If YES is an answer, then I have something that will blow your mind!

Quad Ultra will become your main tool for the best performance ever.

(For gym addicts only!)

One of the most advanced Hand Grips on earth!

It helps you stay on the pull-up bar while protecting your wrists as well as decreasing stress on your forearms.

Quad Ultra on hand

Quad Ultra Hand Grips stick to bars with unstoppable firmness. But when you let go, it releases easily.

Offering you unlimited support yet very comfortable to use. Just put on these handgrips and momentarily you will get super-powered hold and security. Protect your palms from splits as well as tears during muscle-ups, or pull-ups.

wrist protection

In most cases, re-grip efforts are reduced a lot, caused by a fall in energy consumption.

Sticky Quad Ultra

The stickier hold might have many advantages during your training sessions. Such as less muscle stress, fewer stops throughout exercises, and also, most importantly, minimized forearm tension.

design details of quad ultra

Quad Ultra Hand Grips will stick to every surface you have to battle with, at the Box or Gym.

Quad Ultra Can help you release muscle tension in your lower arms and also fingers. With every rep, you will put the weight-bearing load back right into the bench.

Give your forearm the strength for other movements, like kettlebells, or a weightlifting bar.

quad ultra on hands

The sticky product helps you to hang making with using less energy. Some athletes can even hang from just one finger!

Hand Grips are your best friend when performing long series of toes to bar, pull-ups, or muscle-ups.

workout with quad ultra

No chalk. Seriously? Yes.

Every professional athlete makes chalk reloading on their hands-on average every 3 mins. By that, the typical reload time lasts for 15 secs.

Quad Ultra Hand Grips can add up to one additional minute into every 10 mins of your bar workout, which is an instant 10% gain in time.

chalk free

That’s huge! In that one additional min, you can carry out 100 double-unders or 20 additional pull-ups! That might suggest winning a competition for some professional athletes. Or just beating your training buddy!

Reduce your chalk refilling stops using the Quad Ultra Hand Grips.

Velist Wrist Band

Quad Ultra Hand Holds are made to combine perfectly with Velites Wrist Bands for optimum comfort and also efficiency.

design of Quad ultra

The sensitive skin around your wrists is protected, which gives the full possibility of Quad Ultra Hand Holds’ stickiness.

Having your entire body hanging from your wrists can produce a lot of tension, particularly for professional athletes with dense muscle mass. This frequently causes bruising or calluses below the hand. Quad Ultra Hand Grips in association with Velites Wrist Bands shield you from hand as well as wrist damage. Given that, you can harness your whole focus on the next rep.

Protect your hands with Quad Ultra!

kettleball in hand

With Quad Ultra you protect your hands when swinging from or pulling yourself onto a bar. In addition, they’re also reversible. In no time, you can turn them around to double as wrist guards. So you can obtain a much better feel for your weight-lifting bars or kettlebells! Yet, still guarding against damage on your wrists.

doing reverse pull ups

 Don’t lose your time changing wrist straps as well as handgrips.

Best quality for best performance

These Hand Grips are made from the highest quality materials, firm enough to last through thousands of performances while preserving their structural stability.

Pick from 3 different color combinations to fit completely with your style.

yellow Quad ultra
Brown leather quad ultra
blue quad ultra

Also, Quad Ultra Hand Grips are available in 3 dimensions: Medium – Large – Extra-large.

After extensive testing, they have realized that these three sizes cover every grown-up hand type that can grab the bars.

If you have smaller hands, the medium size is a good fit as it allows expansion.

If you have extremely big hands, the extra-large size will certainly still expand to fit your fingers and hand size.

3 sizes, medium, large, extra large

Javier and Velites, Quad Ultra Squad

The dynamic duo, designers, have created a full Gymnastics course. It’s developed for optimum gains in Cross-Training.

They’re fitness gear makers with an ISO-certified company and have great results from the past. Additionally, they are cross-training lovers that exercise almost every day, as well as they use every piece of equipment they make.

team velites

 Their purpose is your optimum fitness and health. They are a team of engineers, professional athletes, developers, and also enthusiasts of fitness products. If you are a fitness freak, you know what that means.

exercising in the gym

They start every job with real problems that they intend to fix. Professional athletes like them are surrounded every day by items developed with damaging chemicals. Also, there are poor-quality materials that cut corners, or terrible designs… Some people are only interested in earning money, and not improving workout techniques with their product.

logo velites

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