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QUELL | Real gaming. Real exercise. Zero compromises.

Get fit fighting your way through an exciting fantasy world. Feel real impact with every punch through a lightweight, portable wearable

Welcome to the future of fitness gaming. Quell is the first game to offer you a high-intensity, resistance-based combat workout at home. Travel through an exciting fantasy world fighting enemies with your bare hands and get fit at the same time.

Each fight guides you through an effective workout tailored to your fitness goals. Just slip on the lightweight Gauntlet wearable and start in under a minute. You’ll feel every punch like it’s real thanks to customisable resistance and high-performance motion tracking.

We believe that fitness games should be serious about fitness. Each session with Quell burns more calories than running, cycling or a spin class. 

In the game, you’ll fight a huge range of challenging foes, with every fight designed to guide you through a fun, rigorous workout tailored to your goals and current skill level. No combat experience required.

After each fight, you’ll be able to see how you’re improving through clear metrics like calories burned, punch speed, strength and accuracy. Quell will also analyse your form, teaching you the foundations of good boxing technique as you play. What’s more, the workouts you do elsewhere aren’t wasted—Quell rewards you for your efforts in your favourite fitness apps with character progression and unique items.

As passionate gamers, we know that the game is just as important as the exercise. This is a real game—not a boxing simulator.

In Quell, you’ll discover a huge variety of environments and a rich, fully-fledged story. Our team of artists and developers are building a brand new world bursting with exciting characters and experiences.

Variety is key to keeping exercise exciting. In Quell, you’ll fight hundreds of enemies with a massive range of combat styles. No two fights are exactly alike. You’ll have to thinkimprove and adapt to succeed. You’ll punchblockdodge and cast spells to train your body and survive the challenges ahead.

As you and your character grow stronger, you’ll take on tougher challenges to earn exciting new moves and equipment. Personalise your character to play the way you want to play. Unlock new in-game gauntlets to show off your latest achievements and gain access to ever-more-powerful moves and skills.

Exercise is about commitment over time, and the game needs to support that with endless replayability. Quell will keep things fresh through daily quests and events, procedurally generated enemies, and a massive range of exciting rewards. We plan to support and improve the game for many years, with new content in response to player feedback.

 UPDATE 1ST SEPTEMBER 2020: The first in-game familiars we’re adding to Quell, as chosen by our backers. We had an amazing response to this poll, and are already hard at work developing the three favourites. These familiars will accompany you on your journey and provide unique benefits.

The Gauntlet wearable is the secret to Quell’s immersiveness and exercise impact. Designed in consultation with professional boxers and athletes, it provides customisable resistance to massively boost the efficiency of your workout.

Extreme sports-grade resistance bands kick in as you land each move, letting you feel the satisfying, physical feedback and resistance of a real punch.

The gauntlet removes all the hassle of a punchbag and is much more satisfying and effective than shadowboxing.

As you get stronger, you can upgrade your bands to keep the difficulty right for you.

High-precision motion sensors track your attacks, blocks, dodges and spells in real time. This data is sent wirelessly to your computer or phone with ultra-low latency, keeping you fully immersed in the action.

Our high-accuracy motion capture means that you don’t need to set up any cameras or other equipment.

The Gauntlet is lightweight, durable, and fully adjustable to give you the punch sensation that feels best for you.

Gear up and start your session in under a minute. Quell is perfect for quick bursts throughout the day. 

The Gauntlet is lightweight enough to take with you when you travel—bring it to a friend’s house, on holiday, or on a business trip.

Our users have told us time and time again that even the small obstacles are killers when it comes to maintaining a solid workout routine. That’s why we designed Quell to remove all the barriers of normal exercise, so you can get a complete workout at home without worrying about bad weather, travel time, sharing equipment, and planning your workout.

Exercise is more fun with friends. Team up to take down the hardest enemies, or compete to be the best on the leaderboard. We’re developing online multiplayer as well as local multiplayer—bring it to a friends house to play side-by-side.

Quell will launch on PC, Mac and mobile. All you need is one of these devices and the Quell system to get started. You can also connect to your TV for the big screen experience.

Quell is a game platform that will grow over time. We’ll be adding new exercises and games as Quell grows, as well as allowing other developers to build their own brand new experiences.

 Get started with Quell in just seven simple steps.

All reward tiers featuring the Full Quell System give you everything you need to start your fitness adventure, including our full Gauntlet wearable and accessories plus lifetime access to the game.

Everyone who buys Quell gets the base game, for free, for life. This gives you the full single-player experience, including hundreds of enemies, tailored workouts, and detailed performance tracking, as well as local multiplayer.

Quell+ takes this to the next level. Quell+ users get access to all the new workouts, new quests and new enemies we release as we continue to support Quell. They’ll also get access to our online services, including online multiplayer and seasonal leaderboards with awesome rewards.

For people buying Quell post-launch, Quell+ will require a small subscription fee to fund our online platform and continued content development. As a special thanks to our Kickstarter backers for supporting Quell from the beginning, we’re including access to Quell+ totally free. The earlier you back, the more free Quell+ you get. It’s our way of giving back to the Kickstarter community.

We want to make Quell exactly the way you want to play it. Kickstarter is a powerful tool here, even for a well-funded company. We want the help of our amazing backer community in shaping Quell’s development. Kickstarter also lets us manufacture and ship at scale, guaranteeing our backers the lowest price possible. Finally, Kickstarter enables us to move faster towards even bigger stretch goals. Through Kickstarter, we’re confident we can make Quell the best immersive fitness game in the world.

With your support, we can take the guilt out of gaming and make exercise fun, accessible and exciting.

We built Quell because we believe exercise shouldn’t have to feel like work. We wanted to maximise fun, remove all the obstacles and help people build the exercise habits they want.

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