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RANGER | Backpack & Powerstation 1000W

Let me introduce you to RANGER Hikerpower! The world’s very first backpack power station!

It combines the backpack and also a power supply. The issue of conventional power stations is completely resolved.

Hikepower Ranger

Powered up with Adjustable ambient lights, Signal lights, and a 3D rainproof cover! A Large storage space truly overturns your perception of a backpack. Also redefining the conventional power station.

Possibilities of Ranger

With 600Wh and 1000W of stable power support, Ranger covers all your needs. Appropriate for 3C products, drones, cameras, GoPros, projectors… And also e-bikes! Enjoy the outdoors to the fullest! Hikerpower will give you all the power you need. No complicated maneuvers or excessive weight!

The Ranger can charge numerous other gadgets. Simultaneously powers up different devices. It becomes hassle-free also as a power outlet in your home.

Ranger is multipurpose

They thought about the multiple purposes Ranger could be used. So, they made the world’s first side-plug a/c electrical outlet. Allowing you to use it for exterior devices, e-bikes, or scooters. No more stressing over the cable length, at the same time extending your workspace.

Hook on a Ranger

As most of us are aware, the range, as well as length of a journey outdoors, has a lot to do with the amount of preparation. Unlike other power suppliers, the Hikerpower CAN accommodate basically everything.

The food, water, garments, drones, electronic cameras… This suggests it will certainly minimize your traveling burden. At the same time brings you more space for other necessities!

LCD display on a ranger

For larger items such as camping tents or solar panels, you can use the strong and dependable outside D-hook hanger. Secure it to the outside of the pack.

Neck support

Scientific studies show that the backpack should not overcome 20% of your body weight. They took the average weight of a grown-up male plus any items that could be carried. Since the Hikerpower weighs only 18lbs this leaves you more room for other stuff.

Ranger is designed in four shades and three flashing modes.

colors of ranger
  • red
  • yellow
  • blue
  • green

These bright colors ensure your safety and security outdoors. And, most important, you are pretty visible on night hikes.

Also, there are three flashing signal lights located on the back of the pack:

3 modes
  • single-click,
  • double click,
  • long press

Signal mode, while traveling, emits the light to show your position. Also, you can see others’ positions to prevent losing each other.

The warning mode used by night emits light to prevent strikes by wild animals.

SOS mode is used in case of sudden danger. This light aids rescuers to locate your current position asap.

night scene with Ranger light

For the night, the Hikerpower has adjustable ambient lighting. There is also a reading light on the top of the pack.

But, there is more! They gathered studies from their Facebook group they took into consideration one more thing. Rainproofing feature – a function that could not be ignored.

If you found yourself in heavy rainfall, simply pull out the covert 3D rainproof cover. It’s hidden inside the bag. That way you are completely securing your Ranger.

The heat dissipation hatch is integrated to stop humidity, most likely to appear in the woods in the morning.

Whatever the original intent of their design was, safety is in the first place. In that manner, they choose a steady lithium iron phosphate battery.

They take your safety and security seriously. Ranger uses a LiFePO4 battery. It’s safer and has a much longer life. Also, the temperature resistance is higher.


It’s also geared up with the BMS safety administration system. This system protects the battery from running outside its secure operating parameters by regularly checking its condition, computing additional information, reporting the data, and managing the battery’s environment.

They have selected a lightweight aluminum case to ensure protection from damage in any atmosphere. And also they promise that each product will undergo a series of severe and complex triple examinations before being sent out.

They suggest you make use of the Hikerpower’s Ranger in temperatures between -10 ° C ~ 45 ° C. While taking pleasure in the sunshine outdoors, you can use the 120W portable solar panel to charge the Hikerpower. It has a 75% energy conversion. A full charge lasts about 7 hours. Also, the LCD display will give you the info about power consumption.

Hikerpower Ranger is created with an adjustable harness and removable pack. In this pack, you can store food, water, and various other equipment. For making it extra durable, they made it with extra-strong nylon.

Hikerpower supports an outdoor way of living. That’s why is powered by cutting-edge concepts. In addition to intelligent innovations.

They are a young team.


Their diversity of technology nerds, passionate item supervisors, and also imaginative designers raises the quality of the product. Also, they are a group of outdoor enthusiasts! With regularly discovering different possibilities of exterior activities, they made Hikepower. Outdoor activities have never been more approachable. It’s on you, only, to put Hike on the back and take a hike…

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