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Ranvoo | A Compact Rapid Drying, Energy-saving UV Towel Warmer


Infrared heating dries towels 33% faster. UV lights kill 99% of bacteria. Luxurious spa experience everyday w/ minimal electricity cost

You may have experienced the difference a heated towel rack made when staying in hotels. But, don’t you want that same luxury at home? Introducing Ranvoo, a minimalist yet high-performing towel warmer that not only turns your bath routine into a spa experience but also serves a ton of practical everyday uses.


Ranvoo quickly dries and sanitizes your towels while keeping them easily accessible, creating a warm, healthy and comforting end to every bath or shower.

It transcends seasons and locales to reduce damp and mildew on your towels and in a surrounding space. Besides towels, use Ranvoo to dry and disinfect delicate clothing, such as swimming suits, underwear, socks, pajamas, and much more.

Unlike other electric or hydronic towel warmers that require a plumber or an electrician to install them. You can firmly mount Ranvoo to the wall through the adhesive on its back, completely tool-free and drill-free. As a result, your entire family will enjoy the comfort, style, and function provided by Ranvoo.

  • A combination of hot air- and infrared-assisted drying method
  • Ranvoo dries your bath linens fast, evenly, and thoroughly
  • Ranvoo dries a towel in a mere 2 hours, 33% faster than other towel dryers.

They conducted an experiment on the drying effect of Ranvoo in comparison to two other brands in the same condition.

Three identical towels, wetted with the same amount of water on the same spot, were respectively hung on three different towel warmers which were turned on at the same time to start heating. The weight of each towel was recorded every 10 minutes until they were fully dried.

  • Ranvoo uses carbon fiber as the electrical heating element
  • The infrared radiation of Ranvoo is immediate as soon as you switch it on.
  • The temperature reaches over 140°F right after switching on the machine

The carbon fiber tube generates invisible far infrared rays that spread in a wide range across the towel, which also heat up the air moved by two centrifugal blowers on either end of the rack to a long distance. As a result of the combined drying efforts, Ranvoo dehydrates the towel far quicker than other towel warmers.

  • Monthly electricity cost in different states for using Ranvoo for 2 hours each day
  • Ranvoo towel warmer removes humidity from your life
  • Its infrared radiation enables higher heating rates with lower energy consumption.

Ranvoo’s dual heating technology takes a wide lead in terms of cost-effective efficiency and comfort.

Ranvoo’s radiant heating, made more widely and evenly by the blowing hot air, does not heat the surrounding air, only those surfaces that the radiation hits, thus being more efficient.


As for other traditional towel warmers, mainly hydronic or electric, most of the heat dissipates into the surrounding air instead of the surfaces of the towels.

Fancy a fresh and warm towel but scared off by the high electricity bill? With Ranvoo, the maximum cost is only $2 per month. By applying carbon fiber heating coils and the smart drying mechanism, the energy efficiency is improved to its greatest extent to save money and the environment.

  • Dual disinfection effect of both hot air and UVC for the ultimate hygiene
  • Diseases caused by bacteria and fungus of a damp towel
  • Ranvoo provides all-round protection for the health of your kids

Bacteria on a damp towel are the culprit of bad smells and many annoying illnesses.

The hot air blew and the ultraviolet radiated from the rack to the towel reduce 99% of the mold and fungus. Controlled by an intelligent sensor, the ultraviolet emitter will only turn on when covered by a towel to avoid superfluous exposure to UVC.

  • The compact size makes Ranvoo a perfect fit for anywhere in your bathroom
  • High capacity for accommodating underwear, socks, pajamas, and much more
  • Combination of 2 Ranvoo towel racks for large capacity and multiple functions
  • The minimalist discreet design perfectly blends into any home decor
  • The big obtrusive design matches poorly to your bathroom and takes a lot of space

Measuring about 5 inches high and 20 inches wide, its sleek, minimalist profile works well in any modern bathroom. Ranvoo is designed to heat two sizable towels at once but can hold more when used to hang-dry clothing with its included C-shaped hooks.

The intuitive touch screen makes control a breeze.

The intelligent touch screen allows you to set drying modes (Auto/Drying/Sterilizing) and time (1hour/2hour/3hour) according to different occasions and needs. Make your choice and enjoy the ease and convenience brought by Ranvoo.

Easy to operate for satisfying your various requirements


In addition to the all-around safety features, Ranvoo is equipped with a sensor closely monitoring the temperature and triggering it to shut down when overheated. With Ranvoo, your safety is guaranteed.

Cast from a single block of premium aluminum, Ranvoo is immune to corrosion and rust, setting a bar of rigidity and durability for all towel warmers. The polished white stoving varnish makes it fashionable and compatible with any modern home decor.

  • Premium aluminum ensures long term usage
  • Waterproof and stainless for reliable, enduring use in the bathroom

The IPX4 waterproof rating makes sure that the water or mist will not seep through to ruin the device and cause any hidden safety hazards. Ranvoo removes the dampness from your bathroom to ensure safe uses in a humid environment.

Easy installation without damaging the wall

Without any troublesome drilling, you can attach the towel rack to your wall effortlessly. Follow the manual to complete the installation in minutes and start your great journey with Ranvoo immediately.

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