Rapid SSD-Interchangeable High-Speed Portable SSD
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Rapid SSD | Interchangeable High-Speed Portable SSD

High Speed | Storage up to 2 TB | Compatibility | Lightweight | Secure | Durable |

Rapid may not be the very first portable SSD you bought, but it will certainly be the last you’ll need!

Rapid SSD-Interchangeable High-Speed Portable SSD

Sizing no bigger than a USB Flash Drive, Rapid is a portable SSD storage drive that features a remarkable 2TB maximum storage space. It has no battery and calls for no exterior power. All you require is to plug it into the tool and also it will instantly publish and also download documents. Certified for iOS File Manager and WTG, Rapid can also backup mobile devices or function as a bootable drive for MacBook. It is so functional that you only need one for all your tasks!

Rapid SSD

From business people to photographers. Rapid SSD is for everyone. What is essential is that your Rapid SSD meets your storage space requirements.

Rapid has a capacity of 2TB. It provides more ability than others so it can remain relevant for several years to find, despite large documents in the future!

Remember buying an SD card for your camera in the past when a 16GB card was the standard, with the price of $20 each, and a little box was included to ensure that you can keep extra cards secured. Now the 2TB Rapid has the capacity of 125 cards and files are getting bigger. They know that every backer desires something that continues to be useful for several years, so Rapid offers the extra ability, sufficient to support your entire computer, movies collection, and much more!

Rapid SSD

Equivalent to the dimension of a USB thumb drive, it is a solid-state hard drive with approximately 550 MB/s transfer speed, which is 4X quicker than your typical external hard disk.

It takes only 37 secs to transfer a 20GB video clip to your Rapid SSD! That’s 20x faster than your common SD card.

Rapid SSD

Due to its high read and write rates, you can modify all your creative documents, play video games, and also enjoy 4K films directly from this SSD!

They have selected the very best equipment for Rapid We has a top upload speed of 550 MB/s and a download of 570 MB/s. This matches the best offerings from significant brand names, enough to move all your data within minutes.

Rapid has the connectors to attach most devices. With its special design, both Android and iOS gadgets are plug-and-play! The lightweight implies you can bring it with you at all times!

The connector on Rapid can link to Apple Lightning, USB-C, and USB-A without an add-on. It can also access File Manager of iPhone and Windows to Go, enabling you to boot Windows on a Mac computer.

Rapid SSD

Rapid is developed with global compatibility in mind.

The connector can plug into Apple Lightning, USB Type-C, and also regular USB without any accessory. Following the stringent standards from Apple, this device is licensed to deal with the File Manager of iOS such that all iOS gadgets move and customize files directly. In addition, Rapid can function as a bootable drive as it sustains Windows to Go. You can now use Windows on Mac computer systems.

Rapid SSD

Rapid SSD can conveniently satisfy the requirements of travelers and digital nomads. This pocket-sized SSD can store up to 2 TB of storage! Not to mention, it is really long-lasting with its high-speed transfer.

Whether you need more space on your iPhone, iPad, or Android, they got you covered.

Rapid SSD

Durability is really crucial when it involves a portable hard drive so you can bring it anywhere with you. It is 100% shielded versus solid objects such as dirt and sand; it’s additionally made with the strong and light material.

The port on Rapid can link to Apple Lightning, USB-C, and USB-A without attachment. It can likewise access File Manager of iPhone and Windows to Go, allowing you to boot Windows on a Mac computer.

You can make a copy of all your web content from a device within minutes with a one-button backup. As it is done straight with Rapid, no security fear like you do with Cloud as well as cordless drive.

Meet the Rapid SSD team, a very established team of professionals that have different backgrounds ranging from engineering, software development, digital marketing, personal relations, product development, logistics, and many more to help execute this campaign. 

Rapid SSD-Interchangeable High-Speed Portable SSD

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