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Ravean | Electric Hand Warmers

A stylish, cork-wrapped dual warming device for cold hands and mobile power bank. Up to 8+ hrs of warmth or 1.5+ mobile charges.


Its simple single button function lets you dial in just the right amount of heat to keep your digits toasty no matter what environment you’re in. Varying by conditions, it produces a massive heat output run time of 8+ hours on low, 4.5+ hours on medium and 3+ hours on its highest heat setting. The colored indicator light lets you know where your heat level is at. The adjacent LEDs indicate your battery level.

A dual purpose, positive energy, portable powerhouse! Armed with a 5v USB-A charging port and producing a 2A max output, it can charge your phone up to 1.5+ times at full capacity. Not only is the hand warmer great for phone charging, but also can power other on-the-go electronic items. Small devices like your smart watch, GoPro, wireless headphones, laptop accessories, lighting, and more can be charged.*

*devices must be 5 volt, 2 amp charge compatible.

 We’re not the first to design a hand warmer, just the first to do it right. There are multiple variations of single use, chemical based, low-heat, static-heat, short-lived heat, landfill filling, fuel spilling, embarrassingly ugly alternate hand warmer products out there. The Ravean hand warmer is different. Our features combine to make the Ravean Hand Warmer/Power Bank the most unique, compact, portable, high performance product of its kind.

We tested our prototypes with thermal imaging against some of the top rechargeable hand warmer products currently out there and it wasn’t even close. Our hand warmer heated quicker, reached higher temperatures, distributed heat more evenly and retained heat longer. Our premium electronics coupled with our unique heat-retaining cork compound makes a HUGE difference in performance. 

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