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Re:Pack | Keychain Face Mask

Re:Pack Keychain Face Mask

A super packable face mask you’ll never forget

This is their fifth Kickstarter campaign and they’re enthusiastic about developing items that become reliable companions.

They’re developing an ecological community of adventure products that work together. This time they’ve produced something that you’ll be happy to carry with you every single time you venture out the door.

Introducing the Re:Pack Face Mask

Re:Pack // Keychain Face Mask

What is the number of masks you own … 1, 10, a box of 100? The question is, “What good are all these masks if we just fail to remember to bring one?”

Isn’t it a frustrating need to turn the car around to go get a mask? Or showing up somewhere that doesn’t have a free one at the front. They designed this mask early in 2015 assuming everyone would do this … it ends up no one has.

Connect your mask to anything so you constantly have it. Connect it to your car keys, wallet, sling bag, etc. or whatever it is that you can’t go out with!

They’ve intentionally made each mask look simple & clean yet there is a lot happening with the material & layout.

Re:Pack // Keychain Face Mask

Keychain Case

The little tough case is what sets their mask apart from the remainder. Maintain your mask sanitary & stop fretting if you brought your mask or not. Masks presently don’t have a designated ‘home base’… Like your pocket? Catch all? Glove compartment? Scrap cabinet?

Made from their trademark QuarryPoly – the case is scratch-resistant, water repellant, extremely lightweight … as well as it just feels and looks wonderful to touch.

Velcro to promptly open up & close. Elastic under the velcro so it’s equally as simple to return it in as it was to take out.

Mask is incredibly soft, flexible, & lightweight making it comfortable to wear for longer time periods.

Re:Pack // Keychain Face Mask

There are 2 important things to point out:

  • 1. The mask fold-out flaps make it rest on your nose and chin. This layout makes the mask sit a little bit off your face so you aren’t inhaling all the time.
  • 2. The adjustable ear loops. Change the sizing to hold the mask tight to your face so you don’t have to worry about it sliding off your nose as you use it. It also prevents the mask from gliding off your face while you speak.

Mask fit is one of the most essential components & with the flexible loops despite your face dimension – the mask is going to fit perfectly.

Re:Pack // Keychain Face Mask

Breathable & dries quickly. They’re machine washable. Simply throw them in with your dirty laundry.

Technical Details:

  • Mask Fabric: 95% polyester 5% spandex
  • Mask Ear Loops: elastic
  • Keychain Case Fabrics: QuarryPoly, velcro, & elastic
  • Keychain Case Sizing: 2″ x 2.75″
  • Mask Sizing (flaps folded): 7″ x 3.5″
  • Mask Sizing (unfolded):  7″ x 6.75″
  • Weight
  • Mask: 0.4 oz
  • Carrying Case: 0.2 oz
  • Together:  0.6 oz

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