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RiviCamer丨The Next Generation 5K Portable Scanner


Industrial Cameras丨20 Megapixels丨5K Resolution丨4 Mic Array丨Fast Scan丨Autofocus丨AI Control丨Video Call丨Telecommuting & Distance Education

Introducing RiviCamer – A smart portable scanner that provides a fast and crystal-clear scanning experience. Perfect for telecommuting, remote education, or work from home.

The traditional scanner can be bulky, expensive, and only have a few functions. The scanning program can be hard to navigate and make it difficult to utilize in other ways.


RiviCamer allows you to scan a book while flipping through it, and can scan up to three pages in just one second!

In other words, you can easily scan a 180-page book in one minute, and a 900-page book in five!

Equips a 1/2.3-inch CMOS sensor, and a 32-bit MIPS processor which ensures you a perfect scan quality while keeping the information legible. The high-performance components would help meet all of your scanning needs.


The foldable camera lets you adjust the camera 150° vertically to find the perfect angle. So, scan your book/files flawlessly or have a video call at home.

Scanning closer

RiviCamer is a powerful scanner, and can also be used for business meetings as your perfect assistant. Additionally, it has 4 built-in microphones, supports up to 16MP filming, and can provide 1080P high-resolution video calls.

Business meetings & Video calls

The four built-in microphones also called microphone array, which is one of the HD Audio standards and one of the advanced tools in improving speech quality.


Moreover, the microphone array can reduce noise and reverberation. It is valuable for noisy and long-distance equipment, which makes Rivicamer work better than the other scanner in business meetings, teaching, training, etc.

One RiviCamer is 320mm tall and weighs only 1.2kg. And the USB-C eliminated the need for a special scanner charger or transformer. To conclude, you can easily put it in your bag and take it anywhere with ease.

RiviCamer can not only scan regular paper documents, but can also scan items such as passports, ID cards, receipts, toys, stamps, and more.


You can also scan the jewelry through RiviCamer to share and preserve its original look or doing a jewelry auction display. RiviCamer’s smart scanning mode can automatically separate and merge your scanned files. The smart features include:

  • Automatic Cropping
  • Offset Correction
  • AutomaticPaging
  • Fingerprint Removal
  • Simultaneous Scanning of Multiple Targets
  • Automatic Edge Filling

Make scanning better and more efficient than ever!


With OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology, RiviCamer can analyze, recognize and obtain text and layout information from a scanned image, then convert the captured JPG files into Word, Excel, or PDF formats for easy editing.

Supports English, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Danish, Spanish, Korean, Greek, Irish, Italian, Albanian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Finnish, Dutch, Hungarian, Latvian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, and Turkish, etc.


Supporting 90% of international common languages, this powerful digital language library allows you to keep any text in almost any language.

Through the RiviCamer app, you can automatically optimize the color of the scanned document image, adjust the hue and contrast, combine multiple images into a PDF, run smart denoising, and consequently other professional image editing functions. Optimize your scanned images to the highest quality.

The set of LED lights in RiviCamer can provide light when scanning a document and act as a desk lamp as well. These lights have four different lighting modes, which includes:

  • Front light mode
  • Bright light mode
  • Soft light mode
  • Reading mode
  • You can choose the light mode you need when you need it.

The intelligent high-shot instrument supports real-time live video and video recording functions and can output MJPG format and a YUV format. Certainly, suitable for teaching, remote training, or live-stream.

  • Connectable to the electron microscope and present for teaching
  • Teaching
  • Remote training
  • Live-stream
  • Connect to app
  • Larger scanning area
  • OCR function
  • Foldable camera arm
  • Wireless display (Upgrade version)
  • Replaceable battery (Upgrade version)

Simple Steps to Upgrade Your RiviCamer:

*PLEASE NOTE: RiviCamer comes in two versions, the basic version doesn’t come with a built-in battery, only the upgrade version has a built-in battery.

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