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RLAARLO-011 | The Latest Off-Road Truck


Hello to everybody!

In a world full of serious stuff, I decided to present you something fun!

Although it’s fun to play with it, the possibilities of RLAARLO are very serious!


“Complete nylon high-strength body, fenders to shield the mechanical structure of the car (anti-hard object splashing). “

This already brings attention… Doesn’t it?

The RLAARLO – 011 model brings a lot

RLAARLO features, dimensions
  • car shell bayonet layout (no latch),
  • rear head-up wheel (Anti-rollover balance
  • super large tires
  • 390 high-speed motors
  • front, as well as back anti-collision, reinforced nylon baffles
  • 4 +3 +1 front and also back LED lights
  • 42KH/H high speed
  • 7.4 V/1500mAh high-efficiency power lithium battery
RLAARLO in action

Above, it is RLAARLO that lets you experience the super racing enjoyment! It lets you become the winner of the competition.

The RLAARLO monster truck has high-performance

shoot in close RLAARLO

It is fully heard with the things that are not common in car models. Such as metal shock absorbers, nylon fenders, and also nylon framework. Its durable wheels allow you to drive on all terrains. Whether it’s as coastlines, deserts, rocks, or concrete roads.

cool looks, led lights, remote

The large size and also big tires of the 1:16 scale remote control truck are larger than others. This makes it stable as well as assures the ability to collide. Also, endures the fall. Even if it goes through snow or puddles, splashes from various directions…Its waterproof feature allows being entirely immersed in the water.

driving on the beach

The RLAARLO is a real Hobby car

With 390 effective brush motors and head-up wheels, well, that’s one serious car! The acceleration boosts easily, as well as, it’s turning greatly. That allows the remote auto to get to a maximum speed of 42KMH! But also preserve maximum balance. All this brings better competitiveness as well as faster drag races.

RLAARLO lights on

They use one-button snap-in mounting covering, bid farewell to the standard ‘mini’ latch.

Simple pistol-type 2.4 GHz radio remote

Steering fine-tuning makes it easy to operate with. Also, throttle fine-tuning as well as 1.7 kg steering control. It can be quickly controlled within a range of 150M. As well as can manage 2 or 3 cars at a time, without interfering with each other. Various models of RLAARLO remote control cars can bring you so much fun and enjoyment.

controller with functions

High-performance, high-power 30A existing continual output!

Wow, that gives you more than 20 minutes of competing time at full power! The power supply can make your racing car much more resilient and durable. Li-Po 7.4 V 1500mAh rechargeable battery (internal additional protection board) as well as a special connector, give RLAARLO more than 40 minutes of playing time.


Two do-it-yourself serial areas are scheduled on the primary board. And the user itself can include ambient lights and also other charged gadgets. This is a perfect present for birthdays, don’t you agree? Or if you don’t have an idea what to put under the Christmas tree!

RLAARLO in pieces

About a team

RLAARLO team was founded in 2019. They are a group of model racing cars designers from China. With their experience, they are constantly optimizing and introducing numerous versions of car racing models.


This time they present the very first optimized and enhanced RLAARLO off-road car model. Giving it the best efficiency as well as a price advantage. But, most importantly, for you to enjoy it!


Sometimes, you just have to put everything on the side, and play like a child! With the toy you always wanted!


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