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RocketFire | The Fastest Fire Starter on the Planet

Lights Fires in Seconds | Patented Tri-Flame Cone Tip | Portable Design | Flexible Fuel Sources | Continuous Fuel Flow

RocketFire is the fastest fire starter on the marketplace, featuring innovative technology to light charcoal and timber piles in just secs. No matches, kindling, or liquids are needed.

Choose from several flame types based on your distinct needs. The Tri-Flame Cone Tip for even lighting or the 10″ fire for sous vide coating.


RocketFire has an output of 25,000 BTUs and lights timber or charcoal immediately.

This stainless-steel tip spreads flames further than any other firestarter by developing a 60-degree tri-flame spread.

Appreciate greater than 50-70 lights from a selection of practical gas options. Consisting of MAPP or propane gas, offered at your local hardware shop.


RocketFire was created with 5 years of security and design testing. Moreover, it features a top-notch layout making use of stainless steel, brass, and carbon fiber.

Listen to the roar of a rocket in one click, and immediately light the fire at the party.

With normal fire starters, such as paper, logs, starter squares, or even lighter fluid, grilling can be a long and discouraging procedure. In fact, it can take logs, electrical starters, and smoke shafts anywhere from 12-14 mins to ignite and keep a consistent fire going.


RocketFire eliminates the lengthy, irritating wait and need for additional accessories that firestarters call for. With RocketFire, you can go from absolutely no to sirloin in secs.

Michael, the founder initially got the idea for RocketFire when his friend and he were barbecuing on a Big Green Egg and discovered exactly how difficult and annoying it was to lastly get the smoker going without a built-in fire starter.


They were struggling for years to find the excellent solution to light their grills with ease and he knew they could not be alone in this. So, he began investigating the issue. He noticed that 60 million grills have been produced without fire starters. And while there are standalone fire starters available on the market, none are quick or easy to use. This inevitably motivated him to produce RocketFire.


They initially introduced this campaign on Kickstarter back in 2019. They wound up terminating the project to enhance their idea. Currently, they’re more than all set to bring RocketFire to market, and they would love your help to make it possible

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