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ROIDMI NEO | Self Cleaning Wet & Dry Vacuum 3-in-1

Add distilled water to achieve 99% sterilization? Simple as that!

Roidmi Neo 3in1

We are all impacted by dust or viruses in our lives. It became a must to have perfectly clean surfaces. Therefore, often we need to add cleaning agents to the device to attain sterilization. ROIDMI NEO can save you additional costs. And it’s chemical free. Its combination of distinct electrolyzed water modern technology. It can electrolyze water into H ₂ O ₂, achieving a 99% sterilization!

99% sterliziation

With maximizing the rotational rate and power of the roller brush only, traditional mops and vacuum cleaners are very proud of. However, one of the most crucial thing is to tackle those stubborn stains.

collecting the water and dirt with roidmi neo

Also, sometimes is hard to discover where the stain is. Discolorations are a lot more challenging to remove once they become completely dry. But, the invisible dirt stays. ROIDMI NEO thoughtfully takes care this. They developed the best method.

how does roidmi works

The roller brush is developed with an exclusive water spout. With one touch, water spray dissolves the hard spots. After that it is ready to remove them. Driven by the suction of the vacuum cleaner, the roller brush goes in action. The cleaning of the flor. Spend less time for more efficient cleaning.

water tank and separating dirt

ROIDMI NEO is flexible and also effective. It’s adequate to clean virtually any kind of mess.

different kind of mess

All that with one fast as well as a simple method. It can tackle with splashed grains, coffee, soda… Litteraly, most damp! Combined with the high-performing 12.4 kPa suction power, boosts the cleansing ability. Even for the most stubborn spots.

roidmi neo vs.others

Stunning inside and out!

The appearance of ROIDMI NEO remains in simpleness. Inside an industrial outlook, the core hides a 60,000 rpm high-speed 180W motor.

woman cleaning bathrooom with roidmi neo

Appropriate for wet and dry cleaning methods. Sweep, mop and vacuum 3 in 1. It can perform wet as well as completely dry cleansing at the same time. For stubborn stain it can rub them up to 700 times per minute. Simmilar to hand brushing. To conclude, it offers one of the most effective cleaning.

Who wants to replace cleaning devices every once in a while? Nobody! There are various surfaces, different kind of dirt, but Roidmi Neo can handle it all.

smart assistant

In order to save valuable time, it offers a combination of cleaning modes. Just with the touch of a button! With Multi-Floor performance you can readjust the suction and water level. ROIDMI NEO isDurability is not the only great thing about ROADMI. Additionally, it is so versatile, and smart enoughto deal with all sorts of messes. Whether it’s restroom floor tiles, wood floorings, marble floorings…

 Electrolyzed water technology. Highly effective sanitation. Successful on eliminating 99.9% of bacteria.

Unique inner design of ROIDMI NEO quickly absorbs  the water spots on the floor. Keeping that way the floor completely dry and clean. The sensor can automatically adjust the suction level, according to previous detection.

collecting water

Use of the battery smart and take on the mess properly. Wash the roller brush in the same time whe mopping the floor.  The roller brush is scratched with clean water in real-time. Also, the flooring is cleaned with clean water And the sewage is disposed right away. 

Only a tidy roller brush can cleanse well! So take care mopping the house with clean brush.

selfcleaning brush

The scrape on the self-cleaning base of the ROIDMI NEO keep her clean.  It can even cleanse itself on the base. Turn a filthy roller brush into a tidy one! Simply with one click. Dirt particles are separated from the dirty water after cleaning. All the dirt goes to the sewer tank. After the procedure, you just have to empty it.

The dirt around the furniture legs are often forgotten.

cleaning tight  spaces

The roller brush can flexibly get into cylindrical corners. You only need one finger to push and pull. The counter-rotating scroll wheels will help a lot. ROIDMI NEO will clen the whole house in no time.

 You were just about to finish the work. But right before you finished, the battery of your vacuum cleaner raned out. Yes, pretty frustrating…

The built-in large-capacity battery of it can be at your service for aprox.150m3. It also comes with a clean water tank and also sewer container. 720ml will satisfy the needs of 150m. Constant water refilling is the thing of the past. ROIDMI NEO is ready to clean, you just decide when.Sometimes you are too concentrated on the stubborn spots throughout cleaning. Because of that you can easily miss other information.

voice control, intelligent assistant

NEOs intelligent voice assistant. It can prompt via their smart speaker to alert you. Giving you the information that you’ll need to understand. Connect NEO to the phone via app. You can do it thrugh Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Now, you can view the data of ROIDMI NEO straight on your mobile phone.  And navigate to change different cleaning settings with One Touch. Easy manage the automated cleaning and drying out.

The optical flow water level sensor in the ROIDMI NEO water container will give you the signal.

Replacement a full sewage water tank and clean water container.  That way you attain genuine intelligent design and full automation completely.

roidmi logo

“ROIDMI’s core focus is creating quality hi-tech products for consumers worldwide. It owns over 317 patents. ROIDMI product designs have won six international design awards; including iF, Red Dot and Good Design awards. Teeming with innovation, R&D and cutting edge technology, ROIDMI strives to continue creating valuable, healthy and consumer-friendly products.”

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