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Rolley | The Smart Electric Scooter by Scooterson


Zip across town on the smart e-scooter that’s easy to ride, quick to charge and incredibly secure.

Rolley+ uses motion detection, predictive routing algorithms, and A.I. to learn how you ride. When you enable Smart Mode Acceleration, the A.I. takes over and adjusts acceleration levels and tune with your motion and your route, and conserves battery power for the smoothest, most carefree ride ever.


Their flagship model Rolley+ was designed from scratch, using the latest technologies and space-age materials. Moreover, it features a range of intelligent features for a seamless riding experience.

A piece of Art. At Scooterson they believe that all things around us should be beautiful. This is why they worked relentlessly and achieved this spectacular Award-Winning Design.

Scooterson App. The Perfect Dashboard, and more. The best display is already on your smartphone. Install the App, and transform your phone into the best scooter dashboard, with the coolest features.


Rolley is fully controllable through the Scooterson Mobile App.

Your smartphone connects with Rolley+ via Bluetooth or LTE and your phone number acts as your unique user ID. Once you unlock your scooter, you can snap your phone right into the built-in holder for easy access to the dashboard as you ride. Rolley can also be unlocked using the optional Scooterson NFC Card.

So much features to give you peace of mind and increased safety. In-App tampering notification, charging notifications, Find-my-Scooter, Dark-Mode, and more features will be added with updates.

Rolley+ is the easiest scooter to ride because it self-balances due to its fat tires and extremely low center of gravity. Learn instantly. The passive Auto-Balance design makes Rolley very easy to ride even for those who are having difficulties riding a bicycle or a kick-scooter.


When you hop off Rolley+, it automatically activates Sentry Mode to prevent theft. And if someone tampers with it, you get alerts directly to your phone. The anti-tampering alarm will send a notification to your phone each time someone tries any shenanigans with your Rolley+.

Only your phone unlocks Rolley+, but the Sharing Feature allows you to unlock it for friends with the Rolley+ App and let them ride your scooter. You can also disable access at any time. Show them you care by giving them the opportunity to experience the joy of riding and feel loved.

When you let someone ride it, you will know your Rolley+ location anytime using the ‘Find My Scooter’ feature from the Scooterson App.


This feature uses GPS Tracking to shows where is your Rolley+ on the map.

Rolley is the only scooter that can make money for you. Using the Sharing features you can choose to monetize it when you lend your scooter to your coworkers or neighbors or anyone else you feel comfortable with. You can set your own rates by minute, hour, or day. Let your scooter make you money or Bitcoins when you are not using it, when you sleep, work, or you are on a holiday. Yes, they just invented the ‘Decentralized Scooter Sharing’, taking the power from Lime and Bird, giving it to you!


The App notices when you’re at home or the office and it sends you charging reminders at a convenient time.

The most exquisite materials ever on a scooter. Carbon-reinforced polymer body and precision-machined aerospace-grade alloy parts, on a 3D bent aluminum alloy chassis.

Most scooters are made of steel, which is heavy and rusts quickly. They replaced steel with aerospace-grade aluminum alloys to reduce Rolley+’s total weight by 40lbs and eradicate rust issues.


Welding areas are the weakest points on the frame and can develop cracks and structural failure over time. For Rolley, they used space-age adhesive bonding with powerful force resistance that maintains its integrity even after years of use.

Instead of using thermoplastics that are easy to damage, they used a sandwich of composite materials and carbon-fiber-reinforced polymers to create a strong yet light body.

Golf buggy tires are commonly used on fat-tire scooters but they present maneuverability problems when cornering. Rolley+’s customer tires are designed to have superior handling and are half the weight of golf buggy tires, optimized for energy efficiency.


Unlike cars that emit 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide annually, on average, Rolley+ gives you an affordable and fun way to get around with zero carbon emissions and zero trips to the gas station.

The ScootPack is a high-end backpack with a solid front shell made from Forged Carbon-Fiber composite material. Waterproof and extremely lightweight, ScootPack can fit your 16’-inch laptop!

While all the Scooterson color options are made from carbon-fiber-reinforced composites, the Carbon Fiber Finish Upgrade will showcase a visible carbon fiber on the exterior.

A need to have design detail for ideal color coordination on your new ride!

  • The extra 750Wh battery means convenient swapping for immediate riding when your main runs out of charge.
  • Hook and unhook your smartphone in less than a second with the best quick-release holder in the market.
  • Instantly unlock your scooter when your phone is dead without connecting your phone to the USB charging port.
  • A definitive must-have for golfers.
  • An optional upgrade for maximum precision and control when braking.
  • A simple statement piece for those who love the classic look of vintage leather.
  • Show your allegiance to Scooterson and Ride with the Tribe!
  • Run errands and store belongings in style with their custom designed-for-Rolley shopping basket.

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