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RomRod ✅ Portable Rod Mobility Fitness Device

RomRod - Portable Rod Mobility Fitness Device

Improve your Flexibility, Joint Mobility, and Barbell Lifting Technique with this amazing Portable Rod Mobility Fitness Device.

RomRod - Portable Rod Mobility Fitness Device

Haley and Shane spent the last 3 years creating the best rod mobility device.
Through feedback and also personal experience, they have made a patent-pending training device that you can make use of actually anywhere.
Inconvenience is not an excuse anymore!

3 years ago, Shane remained in Buffalo, NY for his work (as a Professional Baseball Umpire) and Haley appeared for a brief weekend go to. Whenever Haley visited, they make it a point to stop in at a local gym to enter an exercise with each other. They dropped in that day as well as invested a solid 10 mins seeking something to warmup with, after lastly finding a pvc pipeline. On their back to the hotel they thought to themselves, “Finding a device to warmup should not be that hard. Why isn’t there something much easier?”

The concept of RomRod was born on that stroll back to the resort. They realized that what they desired didn’t exist which they were most likely to be the ones that invented it.

That afternoon, as they had lunch, they started talking about all the possible functions they would desire in a rod physical fitness device. Haley and Shane had just started their physical fitness journey in CrossFit. So, normally Shane was infatuated with all the various Olympic lifts used in CrossFit and wanted to perfect his strategy.

Haley, whom previously had a shoulder surgery from an injury experienced while playing senior high school sports, needed to enhance her movement so she can rack a weight on her back. These reasons are why they loved including a stick or pole into their warmup regimen.
However, the concern was, “How do they make this tool portable?” Shane’s occupation needs him to be on the road nearly 200 days a year. As well as, Haley comes out to check in about every 2-3 weeks. So, mobility was absolutely a priority.

RomRod - Portable Rod Mobility Fitness Device

They made a listing of those needed features as well as started laying out feasible layouts. The gadget required to be light-weight, brief enough that might fit in any bag, and also provided similar components of a weights (knurling, dimensions, as well as really light).

When they believed they had nailed down a design principle, they began speaking with an engineer. Found out they mistaken about their progression. Their remarkable designer returned to them with issues, solutions, and obviously pointers. Via their knowledge as well as background in fitness and also his expertise in item design, they came up with a functioning concept prepared to be prototyped. This would be the first prototype of 10 or so. They were so delighted when they were able to obtain their hands on that very first 3D printed plastic model.

This was Haley and Shane’s very first experience with developing a product. So, of course, they really did not nail it on their preliminary attempt. Yet, it really doesn’t matter. They currently understood what it required to go from paper to physical product. And also, that was a small triumph.

Each model has been an experience. Some days were extremely disappointing as well as others were ultimate highs. The hardest days were those waiting beforehand for that next model to be delivered from the 3D printers or the manufacturing center they have hired to manufacture their initial bulk order.
They have actually made it, yet it wasn’t overnight!

RomRod - Portable Rod Mobility Fitness Device

From many attempts at an aluminum model they are proud of, has come something they cannot wait to share. Their manufacturer is presently in production of their initial bulk order. Below is a sneak top of their ready to sell Patent Pending RomRod in its product packaging.

With the prototyping phase, they have checked RomRod with all various sorts of professional athletes, physical fitness fanatics, and even individuals simply wishing to help their flexibility or recuperate from an injury. Their comments and suggestions have actually been considered and applied; helping them reach this factor.

The mold and mildews have been developed for the different parts. Their product packaging is complete. And also, a cost-free RomRod carry bag is included with each order. It’s outstanding what it requires to assemble each piece of the challenge to have a final product ready to provide to the customer. Yet they still enjoyed the process.

RomRod - Portable Rod Mobility Fitness Device

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