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RS30 | Pro-Grade Force Feedback Sim Wheel & Pedal

RS30 - Pro-Grade Force Feedback Sim Wheel & Pedal

Enhance your sim-racing with the most torque-per-dollar wheel designed by a F3 pro racer.

Feel the rush and push your limitations as you navigate the circuit in the most realistic, pro-grade racing simulator to hit home video gaming consoles.

The teeth of helical equipment are set at an angle (relative to the axis of the equipment) and take the form of a helix. This allows the teeth to fit together slowly, beginning as a point contact and developing into line as interaction proceeds. Among the most noticeable benefits of helical gear over spur gears is less noise, particularly at medium-to-high speeds.

RS30 - Pro-Grade Force Feedback Sim Wheel & Pedal

Also, with helical equipment, numerous teeth are constantly in mesh, which means less load on each individual tooth. This causes a smoother transition of pressures from one tooth to the other, to ensure that resonances, shock loads, and wear are minimized.

You’ll feel authentic pressure response when taking peaks, on uneven terrain, in under/oversteer scenarios, while drifting, and much more. And also, anti-backlash tensioning keeps the wheel and pedals tight, maximizing your ability to control.

When you desire the most real sim experience, you aim for the pros. They listened to SCCA Touring Champion, Kevin Chen, and leveraged his specialist racing experience in GP2, British F3, and WTCC, to produce one of the best sim experiences on the market.

After numerous hours spent examining performance vehicles, transposing measurements of seating settings, and carefully picking the very best real-world attributes for sim pc gaming, RS30 was made.

RS30 - Pro-Grade Force Feedback Sim Wheel & Pedal

Every element of RS30 is expertly designed to make sure that you obtain (and can pay for) one of the most realistic racing experiences from the comfort of your own house.

RS30 Ultra Wheel & V3 Racing Pedals are not for the weak. The high force corresponds with 6Nm peak torque, spring-loaded pedals, and ergonomic adjustments transport you to the road – without flattening your budget.

Priced accordingly, this sim system takes your rig (and experience) to the next level for a fraction of the cost of equivalent high-end sim systems.

The RS30 Ultra Racing Wheel is multifunctional, offering 2 switchable alternatives in between 900 and 270 degrees of lock-to-lock turning.

The 900-degree setting prompts a real professional racing simulation, while the 270-degree setting gives more of an arcade-style rapid turning experience.

Whether you’re a race driver who wishes to put down some serious track time or a casual player looking for that arcade feeling, RS30 has got you covered.

RS30 - Pro-Grade Force Feedback Sim Wheel & Pedal

RS30 Ultra Wheel quickly installs onto your rig or clamps onto your desk with the steel and plastic mounting clamps.

The inner integrated circuit’s firmware is upgradeable through a USB link to a PC and the wheel face quickly detaches from the shaft to permit easy-access switching.

You’ll appreciate a more comfy, long-term experience with RS30’s realistic 280mm wheel.

Its smooth, suede cover feels like the actual thing in your hands and also protects against too much sweating while offering the appearance of a high-performance race auto wheel. The body is constructed from steel and plastic for optimum resilience.

RS30 - Pro-Grade Force Feedback Sim Wheel & Pedal

RS30 Ultra Wheel is the initial wheel in the marketplace to have the Share Button for the new Xbox.

Currently, you can capture images and game clips of your live, on-screen feed and share them with your competitors and good friends.

The premium, steel pedals are crafted with springtime suspension for a modern brake, and the throttle really feels like it precisely resembles real-life pedal pressures. The aluminum paddle shifters make use of non-contact noticing innovation to engage immediate gear changing, while likewise supporting long-life and integrity.

The pedal framework presents the feeling of footwell limitations, imitating the distinct viewpoint of real-life race cars.

RS30 - Pro-Grade Force Feedback Sim Wheel & Pedal

High-precision inner components, top-quality metals as well as ABS plastics are used in all products to guarantee the highest quality and workmanship.

Unwind and get comfy, V3 pedals are completely adjustable with alternatives for pedal elevation, placement, travel, and resistance. In addition, there are 9 different lateral positions to find your perfect spot in between upright and reclined.

They carried out a Zanardi-style steering wheel that enables you to own the video game without using your feet whatsoever! Both analog lower shifter pedals can be used to appoint 4 major functions for the throttle, brake, clutch, and handbrake – eliminating the use of the pedals.

RS30 - Pro-Grade Force Feedback Sim Wheel & Pedal

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