SafeSpace Shield
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SafeSpace Shield

A sealed, fog-resistant, all-day comfortable full face shield to protect frontline workers, teachers, medical professionals, kids…

Meet SafeSpace Shield, a face shield that balances extreme performance, astonishing comfort, and complete visibility.


  • Comfortable adjustable straps: a four-point attachment to help provide a secure seal.
  • Injection-molded frame made to exact specifications.
  • Airtight Tecoflex Seal: lab tested and comfortable for all-day use.
  • The anti-fog transparent lens features a proprietary anti-fog coating.
  • The filter carrier secures the filter with a locking mechanism.
SafeSpace Shield

Moreover, SafeSpace Shield also features a full-face membrane seal and allows your face to be fully visible. Strap pressure points are dispersed around the back of the head and neck. And additionally is compatible with glasses with a custom eyeglass insert kit.

Last year, they set out to protect the world from future pandemics. In a chance meeting with a Johnson & Johnson executive returning to New York City’s COVID frontlines. He said “I love what you’re doing, but I could use your shield now to communicate with patients and not spend all day adjusting my face protectors.”

SafeSpace Shield

That statement led to an immediate shift in focus to SafeSpace. Frontline workers need a better full-face shield to interact with their patients and the world needs better tools until the vaccines can be deployed globally.

They are women and men with families. They have worked tirelessly, with all investment dollars going into engineering, testing, and prototyping. Consequently, their collective passion for this project is limitless.

But SafeSpace Shield is no longer their story to tell.

It is now America’s story. Now, all Americans have the opportunity to take the fight to COVID. With your backing, they can manufacture and distribute this game-changing shield to millions of people globally, many of whom do not have access to the vaccines.

SafeSpace Shield

SafeSpace would not be possible without the world-class engineers at Meddux Development Corp. Their problem-solving and human factors expertise have been center-stage as SafeSpace has evolved from sketches to the manufacture-ready prototypes displayed here. So, Dave has developed an incredibly talented team. More importantly for them, their passion for their project has helped them overcome the many obstacles faced.

SafeSpace Shield

Their mission is Designing + Developing Technologies that Help Humans.

Their passion is protecting those who put their lives on the line to fight this pandemic and improving communication between medical professionals and those they serve.

And lastly, their ultimate goal is to ensure that our kids, and the teachers who better their lives every day, can safely go to school. They work tirelessly to make “Never Again” more than just a slogan when it comes to our children’s education and safety.

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