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Sailor’s Compass by Oceanus Brass

Sailor's Compass by Oceanus Brass

Nautically inspired tools, built to last.

The well-known Oceanus Brass has yet another amazing campaign going on. This time is the Sailor’s Compass which every nautical enthusiast will love. As usual, the most prominent features are top-quality, outstanding performance, and uniqueness. The campaign is now InDemand so hurry while you still can!

Sailor's Compass by Oceanus Brass

Developed to stand the test of time.

The OceanusBrass Sailor’s Compass, in brass, is a navigational device perfect for the boldest of explorers. A technological aid whose aesthetic balance holds to its visual heritage.

The only way to navigate, for centuries. Both rich in heritage and seamless in style, The Sailor’s Compass is there for you when you need it. No batteries here, absolutely nothing to fall short of. On the open sea or in the great outdoors. An outcome is an orientation tool that creates a natural part of your day-to-day carry gear.

Sailor's Compass by Oceanus Brass

An apotheosis of robustness and dependability. Solid brass construction provides sea-worthy resilience. The Sailor’s Compass can be dropped, iced up, banged, forgotten till it isn’t. When you do need it, it will work.

Luminescent markings are visible when other tools are not. In dark conditions, the strength of the green glow released by the dial and needle marker lasts longer than anticipated thanks to the innovative material with which they are composed. In daylight, these display elements also have a brighter tone. Go where others can’t.

Sailor's Compass by Oceanus Brass

Quick, compact storage. The Sailor’s Compass fits comfortably in your hand or pocket. Flexibility is embodied in every aspect so your emphasis can always be on where your Sailor’s Compass takes you: anywhere you wish to go.

If you’re shed at sea, a little magnet might be your only hope of finding your way. That’s what makes a compass point north – its magnetic pin. The pin is stable to make sure that it can turn easily inside its covering and respond to the magnetism of our world.

Sailor's Compass by Oceanus Brass

The Sailor’s Compass has a rotating top piece with several markings that can be straightened with the compass pin to obtain exact readings when taking a bearing.

Due to the fact that the magnetic north pole of the Planet attracts the “north” ends of various other magnets, it is technically the “south pole” of the electromagnetic field that moves a compass needle.

Sailor's Compass by Oceanus Brass

The Sailor’s Compass has been made to flourish over years of use, under all of the conditions you intend to throw it through. What was once a labor of love, is now an ageless navigation instrument available for all.

Their products have a discount list prices because they want to reward their very first clients. The chance to buy a compass of this size at this price is rare. With their finishing assembly, their master craftsmanship, the Sailor’s Compass, with your help, shall be accessible to all.

Sailor's Compass by Oceanus Brass

They back up the high quality of their tools with the originality and the complexity of their equipment. Each piece has its own one-of-a-kind character that they hope will bring joy and nostalgia while using.

Product specification:

  • Diameter: ~ 2″ (55mm).
  • Inner diameter: ~ 1 7/8″ (48mm).
  • Elevation: ~ 5/8″ (17mm).
  • Weight: ~ 6.8 oz (194g).
Sailor's Compass by Oceanus Brass

Compasses are amongst the earliest sailing and expedition devices.

Once the human race started to learn more about navigation, they have been essential to features like the first transoceanic trips and inevitably the world’s circumnavigation.

Early explorers were navigating making use of local landmarks and the stars. That made traveling to far-off or unidentified locations really challenging. Compasses was just one of the crucial advancements making these trips an opportunity.

Sailor's Compass by Oceanus Brass

The very first compasses were made in Asia (20 BC – 20 AD) utilizing lodestone, a naturally magnetized rock of iron. Compasses of iron needles were produced later, allured by being struck with a lodestone.

The English theologian Alexander Neckam stated magnetized needles and compasses in medieval Europe around 1157– 1217 AD while dry compasses began to show up in Medieval Europe and the Medieval Islamic World In 1300. This was replaced by the liquid-filled magnetic compass in the early 20th century.

Sailor's Compass by Oceanus Brass

With their design origins in Boston, their firm draws creative ideas from the center of America’s rich nautical history. In creating their product, their initial prototypes and inspiration came from the old shipyards of East Boston.

The nautically-inspired Sailor’s Compass harkens back to a time of journey on ocean blues.

Sailor's Compass by Oceanus Brass

Its longevity a testament to the harsh demands of that lost era. Their equipment is linked to the art as well as scientific research of cruising and expedition. They have invested 5 months refining the Sailor’s Compass into its last, perfectly balanced form.

Inspired by nautical-grade hardware, the Sailor’s Compass is Oceanus’s signature utility instrument. Its special rich color and functional charm are excellent for day-to-day usage, traveling, or adventures.


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