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Sandbox Smart R2 | Coffee Roaster

Sandbox Smart R2

You finally decided to invest in your own home café?

Well-roasted beans are essential to a good cup of coffee. Having a classic coffee roaster for home use is tough to manage. Especially the temperature while roasting. Which means the quality is often unpredictable.

Home coffee roasters often have a small capacity. Meaning, you might need to roast a batch every 2 to 3 days. Especially if you’re a huge coffee lover. Sandbox Smart R2 has an optimum ability of approximately 19.5 oz (550g). That’s bigger than a regular bag of coffee beans. You can roast daily batch or even monthly supply!

 Sandbox Smart R2 tank size

For even roasting, Sandbox Smart R2 uses a quartz heating tube and detachable drum.

roasting coffe

This guarantees you the most profound flavor and aroma. The Sandbox Smart R2 includes its patented design. The Inlet door, as well as output latch, makes it more simple for you to pour in and also release the beans.

rotating coffe beans

The shade changes of your coffee beans while roasting you can observe through a big window. You can see the procedure from light to dark roast. This will certainly help you to obtain the timing ideal.

The improved insulation maintains the surface cool.

You and your family are safe from burns. And this will ensure that the gadget does not overheat. 
Sandbox Smart R2 Coffee Roaster features an intuitively-designed Sandbox Smart Application. This allows you to operate your coffee roaster with ease. The Application brings over 60 accounts. Meaning provides recipes for different types of beans and roast levels. All that in 11 different languages!

Puorng beans in Sandbox Smart R2

You are able to adjust parameters

the timing of the first and also 2nd crack,

  • roasting time, 
  • warm temperature level,
  • fan power,
  • drum speed – to produce your signature coffee!
Sandbox Smart R2

The C1 is just one of the most preferred products in the Sandbox Smart family.

This cooling tray can cool off the beans within a minute. That way it secures the fragrances to stay inside. Most significantly, the C1 can pull the chaff off the beans want probably your other roasters can’t.

The G1 is a manual coffee mill. It comes with stainless-steel 38mm contemporary burrs. You have the ability to readjust gridding. From fine to rugged, you chose.

How to use Sandbox Smart R2

Were you wondering how to reduce the smoke from coffee roasting? Allow Sandbox Smart R2 does that for you!

The quantity of smoke from R2 is minimal. Also, if you match it up with our F1 smoke extractor, it will lower the smoke even more. Maintain your house tidy and smelling fresh!

extractor for smoke

With the dust filter cloth, the F1 smoke extractor can eliminate most smoke during the roasting. Keep your home clean and grease-free!

Fed up with the mess from cleansing the chaff?

Sandbox Smart R2 has a special collector. It keeps the chaff from flying around the cooking area. With a coffee brush, your collector will be always clean. Effortless!

tray for dust

The irritating sound is one of the roasting worst challenges. 

Nevertheless, the noise of Sandbox Smart R2 is around 65 dB. To compare it, it is as low as a talking sound. No more noise that will bother your family members or neighbors!

Sandbox Smart R2 is silent

The Application will signal you when your beans are ready for the first crack.

Forget watching on the device during preparation. Just allow the R2 to care for it!
Save your favored roast setups as an account. Sandbox Smart Application will save it for you whenever you need it!
After saving your roasting accounts on the App, you can share them with friends and family. Compare dishes and develop new memories! 

Sandbox Smart R2 APP

Sandbox Smart is a team of coffee lovers devoted to exploring the potential of coffee beans. We want everyone to enjoy their own signature coffee at home! To that end, we design coffee roasting machines that are suitable for home, professional, or even beginner use.”

Sandbox Smart R2 logo
Sandbox Smart R2

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