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Scotsman Electric Scooter

Scotsman Electric Scooter

World’s first custom 3D-printed carbon fiber composite electric scooter.

Take walk around any modern city and you will find scooters scattered all around the street. Each of them identical, but the people riding them are all different. Scotsman is the world’s first carbon-fiber electric scooter, custom 3D printed just for you.

Scotsman Electric Scooter

The existing scooters you see in the market are all constructed around known components and existing materials. Moreover, when their team developed the scooter, they were thinking about how to make every one of those components feel integrated. Not simply feel streamlined, but feel like the custom bespoke design for the scooter.

Scotsman Electric Scooter

How do you unlock the true potential of carbon fiber? With 3D printing! They can control the direction and the placement.

They started to define these peeling elements around the back wheel, integrated lights on the front decrease along to the handlebar. Consequently, these are the things that are very much unique to Scotsman’s manufacturing process.

Scotsman Electric Scooter

With this design, they’ve engineered the placement of every single carbon fiber. They wanted to make the interaction with your Scotsman electric scooter seamless, so they added a smart interface right on the handlebars. Throughout the day people’s priorities change. Whether it’s a quick commute over a leisurely ride across town. Scotsman is modular by design, so you can optimize on the go.

They always challenge themselves to avoid compromises. A scooter with long-range can also be lightweight and fast. A robust scooter can also be affordable and easy to carry.

Scotsman Electric Scooter

As a technology company, they’ve made it a practice to be inquisitive, pushing the boundaries of what can fit into a product without compromising the original design.

Intent. No feature can come as an afterthought. The Scotsman encapsulates power in its most dignified phone. They are bringing together a number of specialists and technologies from a variety of different fields just to make this incredible product possible.

Scotsman Electric Scooter

Most importantly, their team has shipped millions of units of products in the past and for Scotsman, they’ve made sure that the supply chains they’re tapping into are deep and robust.

So, they are confident they will ship this product to you on time and above your expectations. Back them today to help bring this product to market.

Scotsman Electric Scooter

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