Seadon | Helios Hiking Pants Made From Ocean Plastic
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Seadon | Helios Hiking Pants Made From Ocean Plastic

Get ready to hit the trail in newfound comfort with these ultralight and versatile adventure pants. Lifetime Warranty.

Meet the Seadon, the creators behind this amazing product – Helios Hiking Pants! Seadon is an English name, meaning ‘from the hill by the sea’. They are famous for their unique technical fabrics and sustainable practices.

Seadon Helios Hiking Pants Made From Ocean Plastic

Bluesign® approved 85% recycled nylon, 15% spandex double weave with four-way stretch, and a PFC-Free DWR (durable water repellent) finish.

From the moment Seadon set foot on this earth, their mission was to build an outdoors brand and product experience that echoed the environment – in other words, one that worked with nature, not against it.

Fishing equipment, also known as ‘ghost gear’, is the deadliest form of marine plastic debris. To sum up, there is A LOT of this material floating in our oceans today. They take this material and turn it into their trailblazing and ocean-cleaning Sunsail™ fabric.

Seadon Helios Hiking Pants Made From Ocean Plastic

This is how they make their super-sustainable fabric;

  • Step 01: Firstly, net collection. They work with their reputable recycling company to recover discarded nylon fishing nets proactively sourced from the ocean (ghost nets), aquaculture operators, and the fish industry.
  • Step 02: Secondly, purify. Actualise. Collected nets of all sizes, weights, and colors are purified and radically regenerated back into original, pure nylon.
  • Step 03: Thirdly, threads count. Regenerated nylon is reworked into their highest-quality, all-terrain yarn; with a few SEADON secrets weaved in to enhance its technical properties.
  • Step 04: Last but not least, the right knit. Their skilled fabric partner has developed a unique SEADON knitting technique based on their stringent performance requirements: ultralight, dynamic stretch, silky-soft feel, durability, and aesthetically A1.
Seadon Helios Hiking Pants Made From Ocean Plastic

This may not be the complete solution to saving our planet from this crisis, but they believe their Sunsail™ fabric does steer material innovation in the right direction. Join their revolution and pledge for cleaner oceans!

Seadon Helios Hiking Pants Made From Ocean Plastic buckle

Helios Hiking Pants fabric performance top features include:

  • UltraLight – weighs only 200-300g/par. It will feel like you’re not wearing any pants at all.
  • Superior strength-to-weight ratio – It feels ultralight but it can also handle the abuse. The perfect balance between comfort and durability.
  • CoolWick – The more active you get, the cooler the fabric will feel. Unlike those pants that feel like a sauna inside.
  • FreeBreathe Fabric – Unique knit construction for maximum breathability. Engineered to disperse body heat and regulate temperature.
  • 4Way HighStretch – Their fabric will move with you. You can adventure freely without restrictions.
  • PFC-Free DWR – Their DWR (durable water-resistant) finish is PFC-Free. This means it’s protecting you and our planet.
  • QuickDry – No more waiting in the laundry. Just hang them for 30 mins and you’re good to go.
  • WrinkleResistant – Like a memory foam that returns back to its shape. Perfect for when you are on the go.
  • Anti-Piling – Stronger resistance to piling during washing. So, easier care for you and our oceans.
  • UltraSoft – Experience newfound comfort with their premium fabric. Imagine your comfiest PJs x1000.
  • SunProtection (UPF 50+) – Weaved permanently into the fabric and never washes off. There’s a reason why they named these pants after a Sun God – Helios.
  • Ocean Protection – Helps clean and preserve our oceans. Sea a clean future. Catch a new recycling wave.
  • Anti-Microbial – Less bacteria = Less odor. So you will certainly stay fresh 24/7.
Seadon Helios Hiking Pants Made From Ocean Plastic waterproof

PFCs are harmful chemicals that are normally used in DWR finishing on your typical outdoor clothing. In other words for some PFCs, there is evidence that they cause harm to reproduction, promote the growth of tumors and affect the hormone system. They also break down very slowly and remain in the environment for many years.

Basically, it is extremely toxic to humans and our planet.

Seadon Helios Hiking Pants Made From Ocean Plastic pockets

DWR finish is PFC-FREE and the fabric is Bluesign® approved!

This means it has reached the highest standards in terms of safety for the wearer and sustainability for our planet. They highly recommend backers to look out for ‘PFC-FREE’ whenever they see a pretty video of liquid gliding magically on a fabric’s surface.

They took a bunch of hiking pants and broke down all the elements that they felt could do with a much-needed Seadon® upgrade.

Seadon Helios Hiking Pants Made From Ocean Plastic

Check out the most important improvements in Helios pants compared to other hiking pants;

  • Premium Hardware – G-Clip buckle is machine-milled from a single piece of aluminum. Smart for any occasion.
  • Seadon Buttons – 50% less bulk. Extra stability and durability. These buttons will always work and will never fall off.
  • Slim Ankle Adjustments – Up to 90% less bulk than others. The fail-safe feature will always work. Reinforced fabric for extra durability.
  • Deep Airmesh Pockets – Deep pockets are lined with Airmesh with extra ventilation, keeping your items secure and your legs cool.
  • YKK Durable Zippers – The most durable zippers by leading group YKK.
  • Coats Premium Threads – Using the best quality threads by Coasts, a renowned trim supplier. Helios will amaze you with its durability.
  • Piling Resistant – 4.5/5 for piling resistance. No fabric has scored 5/5 and 3.5 is the industry’s standard.
Seadon Helios Hiking Pants Made From Ocean Plastic

To find your perfect fit, they have included the garment measurements, so you can compare them with a pair of trousers that already fits you well. Please note that the inseam measurements will be different depending on how you style your Helios hiking pants, which can be worn low or high waist. They would also recommend including the ‘Front Rise’ measurement to see if the total length would suit your style or not.

Seadon is 100% environmentally committed;

They choose responsibly-produced paper tags and packaging as certified by the Global Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). FSC certification ensures paper products come from responsibly managed commercial forests that offer environmental, social, and economic benefits. Partnering with some of the world’s largest nonprofits, they know the gold standard in forest certification is the only paper trail to take.

Seadon Helios Hiking Pants Made From Ocean Plastic

Made from FSC-certified 100% recycled kraft paper, printed with soy-based ink!

100% water-soluble, biodegradable, compostable, and non-toxic, causing no damage to marine life or the environment.

They even have their signature bio-bag – it looks and feels like a normal plastic bag, but it’s actually made from the same compound as the natural gaseous hormone given off by plants that cause fruits to ripen!

Seadon Helios Hiking Pants Made From Ocean Plastic

Here’s the secret- their water-soluble bag will begin to break down at around 100 °F (40 °C) and dissolves completely in 5 minutes at 160 °F (70 °C) water, turning it into carbon dioxide, water, and mineralized natural biomass!

Their hangtag is plastic-free and printed with soy-based ink too!

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