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Secure Deliveries Made Easy with SmartDrop

Anti Package Theft | 5 Ways to Open | Delivery Notification & Video | 1080p Camera | Voice Assistant Compatible | Courier Friendly

We know that feeling – buying the latest gadget online, anxious to get it, but worried that it’ll somehow get lost upon arrival.

Enter eufy Security’s SmartDrop mailbox, an intelligent solution for protecting your packages. Designed to be idiot-proof for your delivery man, the on-device AI and 1080p camera lets you view and keep track of each delivery from start to finish. Should the courier encounter any issues, you can jump to the live-stream and communicate with them via the 2-way audio. Built using cold-rolled steel and with advanced locking mechanisms, this device will fend off and deter any potential porch pirate lurking in the distance.

Every year 44.8 million packages get stolen, which means 1 in 4 households suffer the consequences of porch piracy. Among them, 36% would need 7 days or more to get a replacement, and 27% would never get any form of compensation for these stolen packages, valued at around $160 on average.

As the courier approaches, they will be alerted to the presence of SmartDrop via voice guide and the illuminated buttons. The clear and easy-to-follow instructions allow the courier to complete the delivery in just seconds.

We noticed that some of you had concerns over how easy SmartDrop is to use for couriers. We put together this little video to help ease any concerns.

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We performed an experiment in our home area of Seattle, WA, and found that with a sample size of 100 delivery persons, 92% of them were eager to use SmartDrop, with a 93.5% success rate, proving that SmartDrop is a welcome addition for both homeowners and delivery persons.

When SmartDrop is empty, all the courier needs to do is tap the OPEN button and place the package inside.

When a package is held within SmartDrop, the device will be locked to keep it safe. Should you receive another delivery, the courier simply needs to enter the access code on the waybill to unlock it.

To generate a Courier Code:

Step 1: Generate a Courier Code on the app, which you can change as frequently as you want.

Step 2: Include the code as part of your shipping address when you place your order online, for example: “8000 Main St., Apt 10010 (Delivery Box Code: 1234)”.

SmartDrop is designed with flexibility in mind, offering a choice of access methods:

  1. Default Mode: Tap to open when it’s empty, PIN code/App/Voice Assistants/Physical key to open when it’s not
  2. Locked Mode: Always requiring PIN code/App/Voice Assistants/Physical key to open, empty or not
  3. Unlocked Mode: Always tap to open, whether SmartDrop is empty or not
  4. Deliveries Denied Mode: The only way to open it is to use the MasterPIN or physical key

The 1080p full HD camera captures the movement of people as they approach your porch. With motion-triggered recording (available with HomeBase 1 & 2 or Cloud Storage), eufy Security SmartDrop can even double up as your front door security camera.

SmartDrop is designed to be water-resistant. The exterior is designed with a sophisticated water diversion system, which diverts the rainwater infiltrated from the outside to the bottom drainage trough through the surrounding inner wall to protect packages from getting wet. Complete the full DIY assembly of SmartDrop in only 20 minutes. When you place it on your porch, bolt the device down to the ground or to the wall using expansion screws.

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